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Interview: Former Senator Evan Bayh on the No Labels Problem Solver Convention


The convention is a gathering on how American leaders can work to achieve shared goals for the U.S. without political labels.

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DARPA Looks To Create Disappearing Vehicles

The ICARUS initiative aims to create small, single-use, unpowered delivery vehicles that can drop a small load to a precise location and vanish to the human eye thereafter.

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Carson Stands By Holocaust Comments

“I know that tyranny will never happen in America because our people are armed,” Carson said.

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World Mental Health Day Is Tomorrow


This year’s theme is “Dignity in mental health.”

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Study: 1/3 Of Chinese Men Will Die From Tobacco

Two-thirds of Chinese men smoke, and most begin smoking before the age of 20…

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Push To Renew Export-Import Bank Advances In The House


The House vote could happen as soon as October 26, but its fate in the Senate is far from certain.

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Report: Romney Called Ryan To Urge A Run For Speaker


Ryan has repeatedly said that he is not interested in the position, and as soon as Friday, a Ryan spokesman repeated that message.

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Issa Hints At Speaker Bid, Takes Swipe At Chaffetz


Chaffetz succeeded Issa as the chair of the House Oversight Committee.

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Growing A Kidney, Martian Living Habitations, Mapping The Ancient African Genome

Plus, BP released draft Gulf cleanup plan, scientists win the Nobel Prize and the NIH launches a type 2 diabetes information portal.

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Paul Ryan Still Not Running, Says Spox

Photo: Luke Vargas/TRNS

“Chairman Ryan appreciates the support he’s getting from his colleagues but is still not running for Speaker.”

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Tuesday, October 13

● Trade pact seen as health threat

● Courts delays “Waters of the U.S.” rule

● California: “If you can drive, you can vote”

● Privatized meat inspection stirs a dangerous recipe

● Delivery plan is a vanishing act

● Phoenix property manager aided criminals

Opinion: Celebrating World Mental Health Day


TRNS’s Ellen Ratner shares the importance of caring for those with psychiatric illnesses.