Former Navy Seal Says Military Medals Are National Treasures

Former Navy Seal Mark L. Donald spoke Tuesday at a press conference supporting the Stolen Valor Act. Donald believes in the need to preserve integrity of military awards because, according the Donald, they represent more than just an honor to one individual.

“The awards represent character… those awards don’t actually belong to me, they belong to all of us, it is a trademark of the country for what happened that day,” Donald said.

Donald is a decorated veteran, having received the purple heart, silver star, bronze star, and navy cross during his service in the Navy.

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  1. Chris Michaels14 July 24, 2012 at 1:21 pm #

    Of all people how did they find Mark Donald.

    Look up his awards specifically the Navy Cross and Sivler Star they look exactly alike its quite amazing look up “Hall of Valor” it definately raises some questions

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