TRNS speaks with Ivan Eland, theSenior Fellow and Director of the Center on Peace & Liberty at the Independent Institute, while at CPAC 2013.

Geoff Holtzman
Geoff Holtzman is Talk Radio News Service's Deputy Bureau Chief. As one of TRNS's primary correspondents, he helps cover the White House and Capitol Hill. Geoff also covered the 2012 presidential campaign, following the candidates to Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, North Carolina, Florida and elsewhere. In the process, he learned that not all Motel 6's are created equal. Follow Geoff on Twitter @Geoff_Holtzman.

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National Security Council Condemns Egypt Attacks

Flag of Egypt

Wednesday’s incident come less than a week after ISIS coordinated simultaneous terror attacks in Tunisia and Kuwait on Friday.

Pelosi: Warren Does Not Speak For Democrats

“People will express themselves the way they do. That doesn’t mean they speak for the whole party,” Pelosi said.

Greek Prime Minister’s Concessions Threaten UK Financial System

Greece missed the deadline for a €1.5 billion payment to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) on Tuesday at midnight after eurozone ministers refused to extend the country’s bailout.

U.S., Cuba Opening Embassies

“Later this summer, Secretary Kerry will travel to Havana to formally, proudly, raise the American flag over our Embassy once more,” Obama said.

Clinton Campaign: Benghazi Investigation A “Charade”

“The Benghazi Select Committee is spending $8,000 a day in taxpayer money to keep digging,” a new campaign video states.

Walker Leads In Iowa, But Support Drops

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker barely holds on to lead in Iowa as new GOP candidates join the race.