Audio: Defenders And Opponents Spoke With TRNS At The Supreme Court

On Tuesday, the Supreme Court heard opening arguments in a case that could pave way for full legal marriage recognition for same-sex couples.

17115051808_b6cc1fc5f0_mOn Tuesday, the Supreme Court heard opening arguments in a case that could pave way for full legal marriage recognition for same-sex couples.

Talk Radio News Service was on the scene and spoke with both supporters and opponents of the potentially historical ruling expected in June.

Listen below for a few interviews with participants below.

Mary Banauto of the Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders address the press following arguments to the Supreme Court.

Loren Handy spoke with TRNS about her former life identifying as a queer woman. Today, Handy has what she calls found Christ and has converted her sexuality.

Kerry Keycap of Alliance Defending Freedom, an organization that promotes the single recognition between one man and one woman spoke with TRNS on why they joined in protesting the hearings

Johanne & Bruce joined supporters of the LGBT movement from the National Committee to Preserve Social Security. The two explained to TRNS why they support marriage equality, especially around the issue of Social Security.

Ginger Notche and her wife adopted three children from Russia. Notche describes the adoption process and the children share what it is like having two moms.

Fred made a sign that read “Don’t Be On The Wrong Side Of History Again.” Which depicts photos of discrimination towards African American and Asian Americans, including photographs of segregated restrooms and restaurants. Fred spoke with TRNS on what the sign means and why he made it.

The notorious Phelps family was in attendance. TRNS spoke with Abigail Phelps, one of the daughters of the deceased Fred Phelps, leader of the anti-gay movement.

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William McDonald
William McDonald is the News Director for the Talk Radio News Service. He has reported from the Pentagon and is currently Chief Congressional Correspondent and covers the White House on a regular basis. William has investigated human rights abuses in Africa, advocated for issues of extreme poverty and HIV/AIDS rights. William has studied journalism and anthropology, receiving his M.A. in Medical Anthropology from Brandeis University in 2008.Anthropology from Brandeis University in 2008.

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