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Gov. Christie Claims Sen. Rand Paul Supports “Criminal” Edward Snowden

“He’s a criminal and he’s hiding in Russia…lives under the protective umbrella of Vladimir Putin. That’s who [Sens] Mike Lee and Rand Paul are siding with”

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Texas, Oklahoma Storm Death Tolls Hits 17

Credit: KHOU 11 News Houston/ Scott Ellison

The National Weather Service is predicting more storms in the coming days.

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EPA Finalizes Federal Rule To Improve Drinking Water

Federal agencies can regulate small waterways such as streams and wetlands that flow into downstream water sources.

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Labor History In 2:00


On this day in Labor History, the Supreme Court ruled that the National Industrial Relations Act was unconstitutional.

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Blair Stepping Down As Mid-East Peace Envoy


Blair has been a special envoy since leaving his position as Prime Minister in 2007.

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21st Century Legislators Needed For Equal Internet Access

The U.S. needs leaders who “get” the tech industry.

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Obama Advises Senate Return From Recess For Patriot Act

Last week the Senate rejected a measure that would prohibit the NSA from collecting bulk phone data which is rolled into the Patriot Act, which expires Sunday at midnight.

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Women In Tech: Raina Kumra

“Running a Tech startup is no different than running a lemonade stand,” says Marvin co-founder Raina Kumar.

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Amtrak To Install Cameras Monitoring Train Engineers

Amtrak announced Tuesday that it will install video cameras in its trains’ locomotive cars to monitor engineers, almost two weeks after the deadly derailment in Pennsylvania.

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Extreme Weather Continues In Houston And Surrounding Areas

Credit: KHOU 11 News Houston/ Scott Ellison

President Obama phoned Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Tuesday afternoon, pledging federal support for the counties in shambles.

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Thursday, May 28

● Robocall lobbyists were too brazen

● Non-employer businesses grew slightly in 2013

● Big retail muscles in on veterinarians

● Factory farms grow bigger

● Joblessness in the states

● Fined for power wheelchair scam

The Day Ahead – May 28, 2015

The Day Ahead Logo

The U.N. highlights Iraq’s threatened cultural heritage sites and FIFA’s president seeks another term at the job during the annual meeting of soccer’s governing body.

In New York, Two Chimps Earn Their Day in Court


In a historic first, a U.S. court holds a habeas corpus hearing on behalf of a non-human.

Exclusive: Day 13 Of Hunger Strike For Former South Sudan Slave

Simon Deng outside the White House during day thirteen of his hunger strike. May 27, 2015. Photo/TRNS William McDonald

Simon Deng is pleading for the U.S. to take more action over the humanitarian crisis unfolding in South Sudan, saying “don’t let me die in front of the White House.”

Pentagon: Anthrax Transferred To Nine States

The DoD says there is no threat to the general public.

The World in 2:00 – May 27, 2015

The World in 2:00 continents logo

A pair of chimpanzees made history today as a New York court hosted a habeas corpus hearing to determine the legality of keeping them as research subjects.