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Snowden Aided Terrorists, British Politician Argues

High-school dropout Edward Snowden was a useful tool in the PRISM spy program -- until he fled.

Former British defense official Liam Fox defended the NSA, and admonished Edward Snowden for exposing classified intelligence.

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Faith Leaders Urge Obama To Slow Deportations

The group pressed the president to loosen policies that separate immigrant families.

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Robert E. Lee Had To Apply For U.S. Citizenship Following The Civil War


Former President Andrew Johnson pardoned most surviving Confederates who had fought against the Union in the American Civil War. General Robert E. Lee was not among them.

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LISTEN: Administration Promoting Organ Donation Month


Assistant U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Howard Koh says 18 people die every day in the U.S. waiting for an organ.

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The Rawle Firm

William Rawle

TRNS Features Correspondent Clinton Porter Hackney has the story of William Rawle and his law firm.

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GOP Senators Say They Won’t Give Up Benghazi Probe

“It’s important for us to get to the bottom of what happened,” said Sen. Lindsey Graham.

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Will The Next Defense Bill Also Legalize Immigrants?

Rep. Lamar Smith says the idea “is contrary to common sense.”

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LISTEN: Cal Thomas Says He Knows How To Fix Congress


Thomas says that conservative and liberals are wrong about the government’s ability to solve problems.

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Pentagon Defends Military Aid Package To Ukraine

“Russia’s unlawful actions in Ukraine have dire implications for international and regional security and are a paradigm shift
for our relations with Moscow,” said Pentagon official Derek Chollet.

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Trump Blasts Jeb Bush’s Immigration Comments

Trump appeared Tuesday morning on ‘New Hampshire Today with Jack Heath.’

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● Reporters ask reversal of You Tube order

● Equal time for atheists

● Limited progress against foodborne infections

● 2013 federal tax season ends

● Dramatic decline in domestic violence

● 5.1 million have security clearances

CBO: Obama’s Budget Proposal Would Add $6.6 Trillion To Deficit

The agency says that the budget would add $1.7 trillion more to the deficit than the White House initially predicted.

Obama Cautiously Embraces Russia-Ukraine Peace Deal

The president called the deal “promising,” but cautioned that only time will tell whether Russia is serious about recalling separatist forces.

8M Now Enrolled In Obamacare

“This thing is working,” the president said.

McAllister Staffer Accused Of Leaking Video Steps Down

McAllister’s chief of staff told the Monroe News-Star, a local paper, that Gordon was not fired.

UN Base In Bor, South Sudan Overrun; 60+ Killed

A photo from December 18, 2013 shows civilians crowding outside the U.N. compound in Bor, South Sudan in an attempt to flee from fighting. UN Photo/Hailemichael Gebrekrstos

An armed mob approached the base pretending to deliver a petition, but gunmen breached the compound’s walls and opened fire on hundreds sheltered inside.