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Debbie Smith Act Signed By President

The act seeks to further fund the analysis of DNA evidence to solve rape cases.

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Hoyer Confident Dems Will Gain House Seats, Keep Senate

Hoyer believes the Democrats’ “message is one that the American people support.”

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Pelosi Breaks News Of Holder’s Resignation To Black Caucus

“It is almost like we need to have another panel about Attorney General Holder,” the moderator said.

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Study: Corporations Receive Poor Grades In Political Spending

You’ll never guess which companies are the worst offenders…

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Marine Vets To Arrive At White House Thurs. After 300-Mile Trek For Release Of Marine In Mexican Prison

Plus, the House Foreign Affairs Committee will hold a hearing on the imprisonment of Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi on Oct. 1.

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Report: Traficant in Critical Condition

A farm tractor overturned and fell on the former Congressman.

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Sanctuary Movement Shelters Immigrants, Risks Violating Law

In an effort to compensate for the lack of immigration reform, some churches will shelter immigrants facing deportation.

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Royce: Syria Airstrikes Are “Long Overdue”

Ed Royce

“While this initial attack will be a big psychological blow to the terrorist group, an air campaign will need to be major and sustained,” Royce said.

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Kaine Continues Push For Congress To Authorize ISIS Strikes

Kaine called the White House’s excuse for bypassing lawmakers “extremely creative.”

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Trump: Sen. Mitch McConnell May Be The Next Speaker

Donald Trump

There’s just one problem with Trump’s comments: There is no “speaker” of the United States Senate.

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● Obama AWOL from most intelligence briefings

● Bye, bye, blackout rule

● County drug disposal ordinance is upheld

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LISTEN: The Day Ahead – October 1, 2014

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Protests and pageantry for Chinese National Day in Hong Kong, Benjamin Netanyahu meets with President Obama and the White House fence jumper appears in court.

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The latest on pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong.

Secret Service Chief Grilled Over Security Lapses

Members of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee say there’s a question of leadership within the Secret Service.

White House: Obama Still Has Confidence In Secret Service

“When you are dealing with a chaotic situation … conflicting facts can merge,” Earnest said in response to new revelations about the fence jumper.

Violinist Joshua Bell Plays In Union Station

Bell played an unannounced show in the D.C. metro seven years ago as part of a social experiment.