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Senate Dems Attack Overseas Business Tax Codes

The Bring Jobs Home Act, which aims to close tax loopholes that favor companies that choose to move overseas, was blocked in the Senate last Saturday by a Republican filibuster.

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Cornyn On Immigration: Senate “On Track To Do Absolutely Nothing”

Republicans say the Administration’s $3.7 billion request will not solve the border problem.

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Black Lung Victims Facing Backlog

The administration is requesting an 11.5 percent increase in funding for the issue.

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Dems Push For Halting Tax Inversions Immediately

Senate Democrats said the U.S. should not wait until comprehensive tax reform is passed to act.

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House Dems Encourage Lawmakers To Live On Minimum Wage

Those who undertake the challenge must use only $77, the weekly figure for those working full-time minimum wage minus taxes and average housing expenses, for all purchases throughout the week.

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McCarthy: Where Is Obama?

“He’s been fundraising, shooting pool in a Denver area bar, and grabbing a burger at a Delaware lunch stand,” wrote McCarthy on his website.

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House Republicans: “Do-Nothing” Senate Is The Problem

Screen Shot 2014-07-18 at 11.40.43 AM

And Senate Democrats have a visual aid of their own.

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McCain Blasts Obama For Fundraising After MH17 Crash

“This is just what we used to call in the military AWOL,” McCain told Fox News.

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Defense Appropriations Bill Approved By Full Committee

The bill, which passed unanimously via a voice vote, budgets $549.3 billion in base and overseas contingency operation funding.

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Boehner Uncertain Congress Will OK Border Plan By August

When asked if Democrats and Republicans can come to a compromise by the end of July, Boehner replied, “I would certainly hope so, but I don’t have as much optimism as I would like to have.”

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TRNS News Notes- 7/23

Airlines scrap Israel flights
Kerry flies into Israel
U.S. intel: “Solid case” against Russia – MH17
Obamacare: Court rulings collide
Border: Competing bills
VA: Outlook decidedly mixed…
IRS: Email hunt heats up today

Ulysses S. Grant Dies, Rioting In Detroit, And Justice Kennedy Turns 78

Photo courtesy of the Detroit City government.

Here’s what happened today in American political history.

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● Appeals courts split on Obamacare

● JFK’s nuclear war briefing is declassified

● Educational benefits for young aliens

● Judge boots scientists from FDA advisory panel

● Racism thrives on Indian-styled mascots and teams

● Homocide data is double-counted

US: No Evidence Of Direct Russian Involvement In Downed Plane

The U.S. officials however do claim that the Russian governments involvement in the Ukraine crisis had “created the conditions” of the tragedy.

McDonald Pledges To Reform VA, Wins Praise From Senate

“Today, the Department operates as loosely-connected individual administrations,” McDonald said. “Tomorrow, I hope the Department can be ‘one team one dream.’”

Pro-Israel Artists Install Makeshift Bomb Shelter On Capitol Hill

Artists 4 Israel wants you to know how it feels inside an Israeli bomb shelter.