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Iran Built New Building at Military Site Since May: IAEA

The IAEA worries that new construction could obscure evidence of past efforts by Iran to build a nuclear weapon.

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DOD Issues Interim Contractor Cyber Security Breach Rules


“The objectives of this rule are to improve information security for DoD information stored on or transiting contractor systems as well as in a cloud environment,” the regulations read.

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Report: Pentagon IG Investigating Claims That CENTCOM Doctored ISIS Intelligence Reports

The Pentagon

Intelligence reports regarding the U.S.-led fight against the Islamic State in Iraq might have been skewed to make the situation appear “more optimistic,” The NY Times reports.

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Govs. Threaten To Sue If Guantanamo Detainees Transferred To Their States

“Please know that we will take any action within our power to make sure no Guantanamo Bay detainees are transferred to South Carolina or Kansas,” the governors wrote.

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Pentagon: North Korea Actions Not Cause For “Alarm”

The Pentagon

On Sunday, 50 North Korean submarines left port, representing 70 percent of the fleet, and reportedly remain unaccounted for.

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Iran: 24 Votes Down, 10 To Go To Save Nuclear Deal

After Sens. Donnelly, Reed, and Whitehouse announced their support for the Iran deal, Obama administration is 10 votes away from surviving an attempted override of a presidential veto.

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Fmr. 3-Star General: Bush Foreign Policy No Different From Brother

Nineteen of 21 of Bush’s foreign policy advisers served on either his brother’s or his father’s administrations, according to former U.S. Army Lt. Gen. Claudia J. Kennedy, the first female to earn three-stars.

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Pentagon To Increase Number of Drone Flights

Photo/U.S. Air Force

“We’re working on a plan to expand that capability to about 90 [Combat Air Patrols] by 2019,” DoD spokesperson Capt. Jeff Davis said.

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Ray Odierno Retires After 39 Years Of Service

Odierno spent more than five years inside Iraq from 2003 to 2010, including two as the top U.S. commander.

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ISIL Fight: Operation Inherent Resolve Reaches One Year

And the group will not be defeated quickly, the Obama administration says.

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Sec. Carter Announces Flexible Hybrid Electronic Initiative

Flexible hybrid electronics are not a new development, but the initative will “focus on bringing these technologies down the cost curve.”

The World in 2:00 – August 28, 2015

The World in 2:00

Facing December elections and a collapsing economy, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has closed the border with Colombia and ordered thousands deported.

WH: Gun Laws Wouldn’t Have Stopped Virginia Shooter, But Could Save Others

“There are similarly shocking acts of violence that don’t get this attention that could be prevented if Congress, or at least if so many members of Congress, frankly, weren’t scared of the NRA,” Earnest said.

White House On Iran Deal: We’ve Got The Momentum

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest

Earlier Friday, the White House received its 30th vote in its ongoing efforts to preserve the Iran nuclear agreement.

Virginia Teen Sentenced To 11 Years For Assisting Islamic State

Ali Shukri Amin confessed to running the @Amreekiwitness Twitter account, which educated people on how to use bitcoin to covertly fund IS.

Appeals Court Reverses Ruling Against NSA


Back in 2013, a lower court’s decision ordered the NSA to stop the bulk collection of phone records, but the order was delayed while the government weighed its next move.