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Pentagon: Separatists Likely Had Russian Help

The SA-11 Russian-built surface-to-air missile system could have easily been crossed into the border of eastern Ukraine with the assistance of the Russians, the Pentagon said.

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Hagel Reviewing First Assessments On Iraq

The assessments, conducted over a three week period, will be used to determine how the U.S. can assist the Iraqi Security Forces in combating militant groups inside the country.

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Cheney Criticizes Obama On Iraq, Faces Hecklers

Cheney argued that the primary objective of any presidential administration should be to rebuild the capacity of the U.S. military, “not food stamps, or highways or anything else.”

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Afghanistan A List Of Challenges Post Election

“We call on all Afghan leaders to maintain calm.”

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Pentagon: No Troops Will Perform Combat Missions In Iraq

As ISIL advances in the north, the Defense Secretary assured reporters that U.S. troops are in Iraq to assess the situation and will not be engaging in combat operations.

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Multiple Nations Offer Assistance To Iraq

The United States, Russia and Iran all have stakes in Iraq.

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Pentagon: U.S. Seeking Legal Protection For Iraq Bound Personnel

Press Secretary Adm. John Kirby is “”confident that the legal protections that are needed will be in place” to ensure troops will fall under U.S. military jurisdiction while in Iraq.

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VA Bonuses Under Sharp Scrutiny

13 VA senior managers/executives are currently on deferred bonus waiting lists after falling under investigation.

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Marine Who Took Grenade Blast Receives Medal Of Honor

While serving in Afghanistan in 2010, Lance Cpl. William “Kyle” Carpenter jumped between a hand grenade and a fellow Marine, receiving “catastrophic” injuries while his comrade survived with less traumatic injuries.

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Congress Pushes To Resolve Iranian Human Rights Violations

Flickr photo: kIM DARam

“The human rights situation is medieval and remains bleak,” said Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-VA).

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ANALYSIS: The Impact of the MH17 Crash on Pro-Russian Separatists


UN Bureau Chief Luke Vargas assesses the road ahead in Eastern Ukraine after the Security Council demands international access to the crash site.

Court Invalidates Obamacare Subsidies In 36 States


And House Speaker John Boehner says his lawsuit against Obamacare will get Congressional approval next week.

Obama Visits Netherlands Embassy, Offers Condolences

193 Dutch citizens, including an infant, were killed on Malaysian Flight 17, more citizens killed than any other country.

FAA Halts U.S. Flights To Israel


According to the FAA, the prohibition period for those flights is for a timeframe of up to 24 hours.

College Sports May Soon Have Totally New Rules

The future of America’s amateur sports is being decided in a courtroom.

Obama’s Approval Rating Higher Than Pre-Midterm Bush

From April 20th to July 19th, Obama’s average approval rating was 43.2 percent.