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U.S. Begins Training Ukrainians For Combat

But no U.S. weapons or munitions are being used…

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Pentagon: ISIL Seeking Foothold In Libya

“They probably have at this point gained at least a toehold in Libya,” Defense spokesman Col. Steve Warren told reporters at the Pentagon.

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Carter: AQAP Easier To Combat Once Yemen Govt. Stabilized

The U.S. wants a political resolution in the region, while providing support to the Saudi-led bombing campaign.

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Pentagon Calls Russian Intercept Of U.S. Spy Plane “Sloppy”

A video recording of the incident remains classified.

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Pentagon: Former Yemen President Contributor To Destabilization

“We know he (Saleh) is absolutely in the mix,” Defense spokesman Col. Steve Warren told reporters at the Pentagon on Wednesday.

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Afghanistan: U.S. Soldier Killed, Several Wounded

The suspect wore an Afghan National Army uniform, and was reportedly killed.

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82nd Airborne Headed To Iraq This Summer

Approximately 500 soldiers will embark on a nine month deployment this June.

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Pentagon: Coalition Will Assist In Mosul If Iraqis “Firmly” in Control

Last month, coalition forces refused to assist in the liberation of Tikrit, Iraq, because Iranian-backed militias were reportedly leading the ground operation.

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Pentagon: Backup Systems Worked During Power Outage

The Department of Homeland Security has ruled out terrorism.

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Carter, En Route To Asia, Dumps On Sequestration At McCain Institute

“(I) met with Sen. McCain on the way out here, who is another staunch believer, as I am, in the damage that sequester is doing,” Carter said.

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Tuesday, April 21

● Hundreds convicted with faulty FBI evidence

● Voting Rights Act provisions remain in limbo

● Military service firm fined $3.1 million

● Common drugs may answer multiple sclerosis

● Cardinal Health fined for monopoly tactics

● Veterans wait over 2 years for records

LISTEN: The Day Ahead – April 21, 2015

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Chinese President Xi Jinping wraps up a major visit to Pakistan and the world’s largest “flawless” diamond is auctioned off in New York City.

LISTEN: The World in 2:00 – April 20, 2015

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The capsizing of a migrant boat heading from Libya to Europe over the weekend has sparked an emergency E.U. meeting and calls for serious action.

Washington Post Reporter Charged With Espionage In Iran

Iran Flag

In a statement, Washington Post executive editor Martin Baron called the charges “ludicrous.”

U.S. Begins Training Ukrainians For Combat

But no U.S. weapons or munitions are being used…

Reid Blasts GOP Over Lynch Nomination


“Is there a single Republican senator who can come here on the floor of the Senate and give an explanation that does not smack of political foolishness?,” Reid said on the Senate floor.