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Pentagon: Drone Strike Kills ISIL Leader

Another ISIL member was also killed in the strike.

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Neller Tapped As Marine Corps Commandant

Neller, if confirmed by the U.S. Senate, would succeed Commandant Gen. Joe Dunford.

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DoD: Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram Valuable ISIL Recruiting Tools

“They should not let avowed murderous, barbaric, brutal terrorists use their platforms,” a Defense spokesman told TRNS.

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Boehner Flexes Congressional Muscle Against Russian Aggression

“The American people recognize that this threat demands action. That’s why Congress is working to ensure that tangible assistance is provided…to all of our partners in the region,” Boehner said following a three-day visit to Lithuania

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DoD Anthrax Update: Live Samples Sent To Mississippi

78 labs have received live anthrax and counting…

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Pentagon On Same-Sex Marriage Ruling

U.S. military chaplains will be able to opt out of performing marriage ceremonies if they conflict with their religious beliefs.

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Pentagon Condemns France, Tunisia and Kuwait Terror Attacks

Should the U.S.-led mission against ISIL be expanded? See what the Pentagon said.

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Turn On The Lights: SIGAR Gives USAID 3 Weeks To Answer For Afghanistan’s Faulty Tarakhil Power Plant

The $325 million project should be providing power to Afghanistan’s capital region.

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NAACP: “Do Away With Hateful Remnants Of Our Past”

There are 10 military bases across the U.S. that are named after heroes of the Confederacy.

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Pentagon: No Plans To Alter Bases Named After Confederates

There are ten military bases so named.

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Greece Says ‘NO’ To European Bailout

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has successfully campaigned against the bailout offer, claiming it would further force Greece under the control of the Euro-creditors and further harsh austerity measures

What’s Next For LGBT Activist Campaigns?

TRNS examines the future of LGBT activism following last week’s historic same-sex marriage ruling.

The World in 2:00 – July 3, 2015

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Recapping the latest developments in blasphemy, idolatry and defamation from Egypt to Iceland, Saudi Arabia to FIFA’s executive offices.