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Poll: O’Malley Off To Rocky Start

Martin O'Malley

O’Malley trails behind Democratic and Republican contenders in terms of familiarity.

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Clinton Dances Around 2016 Speculation During ‘Daily Show’ Appearance

Hillary Clinton

“I think I speak for everyone when I say nobody cares: they just want to know if you’re running for president,” Stewart quipped.

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Jeb Bush Backs Brown In New Hampshire

Bush posted a Tweet posing with Brown’s family in Massachusetts and saying he was “Proud to support [Brown’s] campaign.”

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Poll: 51% See Boehner Lawsuit As A “Political Stunt”

41 percent said the lawsuit is legitimate.

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UN Proposes Massive Afghan Election Audit


As John Kerry stresses national unity in Kabul, the U.N. releases criteria for undertaking a broad review of 3.5 million ballots and 8,000 polling stations.

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Poll: Scott Brown Trails Shaheen By 12 Points

Shaheen leads 50-38 percent.

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Afghan Candidate Claims Victory Despite Election Results

Obama phoned Abdullah urging the candidate to maintain calm among his supporters while the allegations of fraud are investigated.

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Poll: Clinton Easily Beats Out Dems, Leads GOP Opponents in 2016

Hillary Clinton

The poll shows that Clinton garners 58 percent of the vote among the theoretical Democratic primary field, easily beating out Vice President Joe Biden, who received only 9 percent.

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Afghanistan A List Of Challenges Post Election

“We call on all Afghan leaders to maintain calm.”

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UN To Recognize Same-Sex Marriages Among Staffers

Same-sex couples granted marriage certificates in their home countries will now have those marriages, and their associated benefits, recognized by the U.N.

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College Sports May Soon Have Totally New Rules

The future of America’s amateur sports is being decided in a courtroom.

Obama’s Approval Rating Higher Than Pre-Midterm Bush

From April 20th to July 19th, Obama’s average approval rating was 43.2 percent.

TRNS News Notes- 7/22

Gaza: Kerry pushes for ceasefire
MH17: Rebels give up black boxes
9/11 panel chairs: “Threat remains grave”
Transportation bill: Senate nears deal…
Perry: TX National Guard to border
WH: Number of children crossing border drops

No More Judges On The Supreme Court, Uday and Qusay Are Killed, And Bob Dole Turns 91


Here’s what happened today in American political history.

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● Complaint window opens for prepaid cards

● Qualcomm exec moonlighted as inside trader

● Phoenix VA director has troubling past

● World War II Marine’s remains recovered

● Yogurt can improve blood pressure

● Agency tells governor to release documents

Obama Awards Medal Of Honor For Valor In 2008 Battle Of Wanat

Army Sgt. Ryan M. Pitts, 28, is the ninth living recipient of the nation’s highest decoration for battlefield valor for actions in Iraq and Afghanistan.