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Hoyer Confident Dems Will Gain House Seats, Keep Senate

Hoyer believes the Democrats’ “message is one that the American people support.”

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Poll: Romney Could Win On Huckabee’s Home Turf

Huckabee and Romney initially faced off in the 2008 Republican primary. Romney won 11 states and Huckabee captured 8, including Arkansas and the key battleground Iowa.

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Poll: 58% Want Third Party

2007 was the first time that Americans said that a third party was needed, and they have not changed their mind since.

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Jim Webb: “I Am Seriously Looking At The Possibility Of Running For President”

Former Virginia Sen. Jim Webb (Photo by James Cullum)

The former Virginia Senator spoke at the National Press Club on Tuesday.

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Poll: 30% Don’t Care Who Controls Congress

40 percent responded that it mattered “a great deal.”

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Hillary Clinton Touts Women’s Issues In D.C. Visit

“We have to make these issues are part of every political debate,” Clinton said.

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WH: Obama Has “Strong Confidence” In DNC Chair

The remark was in response to an inquiry over whether the President had “complete confidence” in Wasserman Schultz.

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Udall Trails GOP Challenger By 8 Points In Colorado

Udall received 40 percent support while Gardner comes in with 48 percent.

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Bill Clinton Urges Scotland To Stay With UK

The former president said that a no vote to separate from the United Kingdom would send a strong message of unity to the world

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Jindal: Country Needs a Conservative Leadership

Jindal’s comments came as he gave a speech on energy.

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Cesar Chavez Has The Floor, Congress Tightens Gun Laws And Roosevelt Dedicates the Hoover Dam

Plus, the Berlin Airlift ends and James Meredith registers for class at the University of Mississippi.

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● Michigan bank fined for mortgage violations

● It doesn’t always pay to advertise

● “Blind as a bat” has a new meaning

● Weight loss from coffee-soaked apparel? Don’t bet on it

● Pension-spiking suit attracts strange bedfellows

● Pair indicted for stealing Saddam’s guns

LISTEN: The Day Ahead – September 30, 2014

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The final day of the UN General Assembly, Afghan President Ghani will sign a Status of Forces Agreement and Microsoft is poised to unveil Windows 9.

DoD Claims No Evidence Of Civilian Casualties From Airstrikes

Air Force Major General Jeffrey Harrigian said no credible reports have surfaced.

FedEx Declines To Drop Redskins Sponsorship

Calls for FedEx to break its ties to the NFL team were voted down by shareholders.

Modi Requests Slow Removal Of Troops From Afghanistan

“We also want Afghanistan to be stable in a Democratic way,” Modi said.