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House Votes To Overturn Obama’s Immigration Actions

The bill passed 236-191. Before the final vote, amendments meant to roll back protections for undocumented immigrants were approved.

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Boehner: Amendments May Influence Immigration Executive Action

“Members of Congress support funding the Department [of Homeland Security], but what we cannot allow the president to go around the Congress,” Boehner said Thursday.

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Senate Dems. Stress Immigration Reform Priority

“Republicans and Democrats acknowledge that our immigration system is broken,” said Sen. Mazie Hirono.

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House Passes Immigration Protest Bill

The measure passed 219-197, with 3 votes present

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Boehner Moving Forward With CRomnibus Bill

The proposed bill would fund the DHS through early 2015, at which time Republicans will be in a better position to restrict spending on immigration reform.

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Dem Leaders, Immigration Activists Denounce House Bill

The bill would prevent the president’s executive actions on immigration to take hold come Jan. 2015

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States And Governors Sue To Stop Immigration Order

The lawsuit says that Obama took action to unilaterally change the law and that “unilateral suspension of the Nation’s immigration laws is unlawful.”

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Poll: Clinton Could Benefit From Obama’s Executive Action

The poll found that if Clinton supports renewing the order, 68 percent of Latinos would be very likely to support her.

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Jeh Johnson: Executive Action On Immigration Within Legal Authority

“The President used these actions as a first step toward reform of this system and continues to count on Congress for the more comprehensive reform,” Johnson said.

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Congress’ Newest Budget Term: “CRomnibus”

The CRomnibus is part “omnibus”, a long-term funding bill, and part “continuing resolution”, a short-term funding bill.

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New Documentary Focuses On Soviet Hockey Team’s Heyday

TRNS interviews filmmaker Gabe Polsky.

Pentagon In “No Rush” To Retake Mosul

“We aren’t there yet,” Pentagon spokesman Rear Adm. John Kirby told reporters on Friday.

Interview With Elana Simon At The White House

Elena Simon introduced President Obama Friday where he laid out a new healthcare initiative known as Precision Medicine

Obama Precision Medicine Initiative Seeks $215 Million

Precision medicine is the science of discovering medicines that target the underlying cause of disease rather than the symptoms.

Pentagon Holds Out On Blaming Taliban For Kabul Airport Attack

Two U.S. contractors were killed and a third was injured in the Friday attack at Kabul International Airport.

U.S. Military To Be On-Hand At Superbowl

Find out what they’ll be doing here.