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Syrian Asylee Joins Congressman In Push for Refugee Admittance

“The U.S. has always been seen as the beacon of a country willing to take people in and we must continue to accept people under such unspeakable violence,” Congressman David N. Cicilline (D-RI) told reporters Monday

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State Dept. Visa Application Process Now In Spanish

“The decision to translate online immigrant visa information into Spanish supports [sic] effort[s] to improve customer service and operations,” the State agency statement read

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Obama Launches Undocumented, Refugee Persons Initiative

The campaign looks for inclusive ways to welcome “Immigrants and refugees [who] contribute to our country’s social and cultural fabric, and are critical to our country’s continued economic prosperity.”

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WH: Obama Will Not Be Watching Second GOP Debate

Press Secretary Josh Earnest told reporters that Obama “has better things to do,” than watch the debates while the election is so far out still

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EU To Hold Emergency Summit Amid Refugee Crisis

The European Union / EU Flag

The meeting is set to be held September 22 after members failed to an agreement on how to deal with thousands of refugees who have fled to the region over the past few weeks

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Cameron: UK Will Allow ‘Thousands’ Of Refugees Into Country

As ISIS continues its territorial battles over Syria, much of the population is fleeing to Europe.

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Appeals Court Says Arpaio Can’t Sue WH Over Immigration Policy

The court ruled that Arpaio, who represents Maricopa County, was unable to prove that he had standing in the case.

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Boehner, Pelosi Clash Over Sanctuary Cities Bill

House leaders disagree over whether the sanctuary cities immigration bill is a proper response to a woman who was reportedly shot and killed by an undocumented felon earlier this month.

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Obama Threatens Veto Over GOP Immigration Bill

The administration says the bill fails to remove the most dangerous convicted criminals and impedes on U.S. citizens civil rights.

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Kathryn Steinle’s Father To Testify Before Senate Committee

Kathryn Steinle was allegedly shot by an undocumented immigrant on July 1, setting off a national debate on so-called “sanctuary cities.”

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Coming Up Monday at the Supreme Court

The Supreme Court building, Washington, D.C. (Photo by James Cullum)

The Supreme Court begins its 2015 term on Monday and will hear cases involving the sovereign immunity of foreign agencies and a Federal Reserve Bank interpretation of the Equal Credit Opportunity Act

Monday, October 5

● Car insurance claims decline but cost goes up

● Twin brothers sent to prison for hacking federal computers

● Jobless rate stuck at 5.1% in September

● New mortgage disclosure rule in effect

● The world is shrinking for tax absconders

● Lobbyist stopped by red light

Clinton Credits HRC On Peronal Evolution Over Marriage Equality

Clinton addressed the morning session of the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) prior to Vice President Biden’s keynote address to the Dinner Gala, saying it has been “quite a year” for LGBT rights

Fiorina Condemns Obama Administration’s Actions In Syria

Carly Fiorina

“The middle east is becoming a very, very dangerous place because we are not showing leadership,” said Fiorina.

Obama Calls On Russia To End Airstrikes

“Russia needs to cease their bloodshed immediately,” Obama said.

Sen. Marco Rubio Calls For More U.S. Airstrikes On ISIS and Further Sanctions on Russia

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) called for increased airstrikes in Syria to combat the Islamic State and additional sanctions against Russia’s economy.