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America’s Cities Are Now The Laboratories Of The Left

The big split in America isn’t red states and blue states; it’s big cities versus everyplace else.

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Unions’ Goal: $15 Minimum Wage

Union organizers have set a goal—$15 an hour for everyone.

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Obama Fiddles While Torture Still Burns

Both torture and lying are going to be given a hall pass.

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Remembering Jews Who Perished At Nazi Hands

The Stolpersteine Project has gathered stories of the people’s lives the stones commemorate.

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Nixon’s Lasting Advice

Forty years ago, Richard Nixon resigned as President of the United States.

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Is Google The New Sheriff in Town?

The fact that Google acted essentially as an arm of law enforcement here is pretty disturbing.

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Agency Spends 17 Years On Breath Mint Labeling

You’ll be amazed by what it took 17 years for federal bureaucrats to accomplish.

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We’re Being Robbed Every Time We Fly

Airfare costs are so high is because of the stunning lack of competition in the airline industry today.

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Tiny Home Movement Reflects Changes In America

Have you heard about the tiny home movement?

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Untangling The Mystery Behind Unemployment Rates

Confusing numbers are matched with confusing definitions.

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“Day Of Rage” Over Ferguson To take Place Near White House

A number of buildings and organizations located near the White House have issued safety warnings.

St. Louis Suspends Cop Who Aimed Gun At Ferguson Protesters

The video also features telling those who asked for his identity to “go f**k” themselves.

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● European tobacco suit clears legal hurdle

● Begging at airport is not protected activity

● Hanford whistleblower gets job and back pay

● Car lender fined for distorted credit reporting

● Car recall data goes online

● Warren Buffett’s fine: 5 shares

Pentagon Announces Failed Hostage Rescue Mission

The rescue operation, conducted “earlier this summer,” was an attempt to free American hostages believed to be held in Syria by the terrorist group, the Islamic State

LISTEN: The World in Two Minutes – August 20, 2014


Global reaction to the killing of American journalist James Foley. President Obama says justice will be served, while the UK warns of risks to the homeland.

Pentagon Considering More Troops In Iraq

While the decision is still underway, U.S. senior officials say that no more than 300 U.S. military personnel would travel to Baghdad