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To Fix Healthcare, Lower Costs Are The Answer — Not Subsidies

Obamacare doesn’t make health insurance cheaper; it only shifts the high costs onto the backs of taxpayers

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College Sports May Soon Have Totally New Rules

The future of America’s amateur sports is being decided in a courtroom.

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Government Inefficiency Has Stymied Space Travel

The dreams and drama of space travel have been stymied by government inefficiency and bureaucracy.

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The Fed Goes Too Far

The Fed’s latest proposal is disturbing also because of the bank’s notorious lack of transparency.

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Laughingstock Of The Republican Party

Issa’s political fishing expeditions and lack of strategic dart throwing has his own party concerned.

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It’s Opposite Day For President Obama

It’s opposite day. President Obama interprets Constitutional language that limits his power as instead being expansions of his authority.

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Obamacare Update: Twice The Costs And Half The Benefits

Latest figures confirm that Obamacare was based on selling lies to the American people.

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Quit Robbing The Highway Trust Fund

The federal Highway Trust Fund is going broke. But you need to know why.

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Banksters Get Help But Not Homeowners

Are we crazy?

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Obama Suppresses Media Coverage While Claiming Transparency

Journalists are protesting the secrecy of the Obama Administration, but they’re doing it too quietly.

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● GOP voters eagerly await elections

● Appeals court rejects antibiotic petitions

● Nicotine-like pesticides pollute Midwestern streams

● FOIA lawsuit is embedded in an FOIA lawsuit

● San Francisco renters’ ordinance hit by lawsuit

● Secret pact suppresses food safety

Cruz: Obama Is “Fundraiser In Chief”

“There is one and only one way to solve this crisis,” Cruz said. “Eliminate the promise of amnesty.”

Admin Official: ISIS Poised To Spread

“They are training in Syria and are recruiting over social media which is something that we have never seen before,” said McGurk.

Sanders: House Republicans Not Acting In Good Faith On Veterans Affairs Bill

“I am prepared to be here (in Washington) this weekend to start serious negotiations in terms of how we work out our differences,” said Sen. Sanders (I-VT).

LISTEN: The World In Two Minutes – July 24, 2014


A U.N. school in Gaza is hit by artillery shelling, killing civilians and U.N. staff, and rockets found in another U.N. school go missing.

State And Pentagon Confirm Russia Is Firing Into Ukraine

The Pentagon confirmed, following the State briefing, that Russia is firing into Ukraine, targeting military posts.