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Labor History In 2:00- 9/29


The Fight For A Better Tomorrow In The Great White North

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Labor History In 2:00- 9/28


The Journey Toward Equal Treatment

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Mickey Mouse For President?


In a campaign where we’re sorely lacking consensus, we might as well give the famous write-in candidate a try.

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Watch: Pope Showed Sorely Needed Leadership


Ellen Ratner sums up the Pope’s speech to Congress.

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Labor History In 2:00- 9/24


Building the Supreme Court

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Labor History- 9/2


The Nixon Plan In Philadelphia.

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Labor History In 2:00- 9/22


A Large Pizza with Pepperoni and a Union.

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Labor History In 2:00- 9/21


The March of Mother Jones.

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American Muslim Group Launched Amid New Islamophobia Fears

The American Muslim Institution will focus primarily on domestic issues.

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Labor History In 2:00- 9/18


The Horse Race

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Monday, October 5

● Car insurance claims decline but cost goes up

● Twin brothers sent to prison for hacking federal computers

● Jobless rate stuck at 5.1% in September

● New mortgage disclosure rule in effect

● The world is shrinking for tax absconders

● Lobbyist stopped by red light

Clinton Credits HRC On Peronal Evolution Over Marriage Equality

Clinton addressed the morning session of the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) prior to Vice President Biden’s keynote address to the Dinner Gala, saying it has been “quite a year” for LGBT rights

Fiorina Condemns Obama Administration’s Actions In Syria

Carly Fiorina

“The middle east is becoming a very, very dangerous place because we are not showing leadership,” said Fiorina.

Obama Calls On Russia To End Airstrikes

“Russia needs to cease their bloodshed immediately,” Obama said.

Sen. Marco Rubio Calls For More U.S. Airstrikes On ISIS and Further Sanctions on Russia

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) called for increased airstrikes in Syria to combat the Islamic State and additional sanctions against Russia’s economy.

McCarthy Suggests Politics Behind Planned Parenthood Panel

“You win the argument to win the vote.”