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Ukraine: ‘World Order is Being Destroyed’ By Russia

U.N. Security Council holds emergency session over reports of Russian troops amassing within Ukraine.

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43 UN Peacekeepers Captured In Syria

The peacekeepers were patrolling the border region between Syria and Israel when they were picked up by members of a UN-designated terrorist group.

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Security Council Condemns Downing Of UN Copter In South Sudan

A Russian Mi-8AMT helicopter, pictured in the Central African Republic in June 2014. UN Photo/Catianne Tijerina

Three Russian crewmen were killed on Tuesday when their cargo helicopter was shot down in South Sudan’s oil-producing Unity State.

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UN: Ebola Flight Cancellations Worsen ‘Diplomatic Isolation’

A World Health Organization staffer participates in an Ebola awareness campaign in the village of Kolobengu, Guinea.  Photo: WHO/Stéphane Saporito

‘The current trend of limitations on flights is having adverse effects on efforts to control the disease’ the U.N. said Monday.

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LISTEN: The World in Two Minutes – August 25, 2014

The World in 2:00

American Peter Theo Curtis is released by al-Qaeda in Syria, a new Ebola outbreak in the DRC, and an attempt to make the #RemainsBucketChallenge go viral.

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Russian Convoy Enters Ukraine; ‘We Waited Long Enough’

The flag of Ukraine at the United Nations. Photo: Luke Vargas/TRNS

Ukraine claims Russian soldiers prevented border guards from inspecting trucks before crossing border into the eastern Donbas region.

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Syrian Opposition Marks One Year Since Damascus Chemical Attacks

Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 4.39.27 PM

Syrian’s foremost opposition group alleges the Assad government is still using chemical weapons in spite of an international effort to remove such weapons.

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LISTEN: The World in Two Minutes – August 18, 2014


The World Food Progamme’s ambitious plan to provide food to one million in Ebola-affected West Africa, and calls to ramp up the U.S. campaign in Iraq.

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LISTEN: The World in Two Minutes – August 15, 2014


Ukraine says it struck Russian military vehicles that entered the country overnight, and fresh fighting erupts South Sudan, exacerbating civilian suffering.

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UN: Agricultural Losses in Gaza Widespread


U.N. Food and Agricultural Organization reports that recent fighting resulted in ‘substantial’ damage to farming, livestock and fishing operations.

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● Indian feather case gets new life

● Planned Parenthood fraud case is revived

● Promoting swimming pool health

● Executives sentenced for securities fraud

● U.S. overseas investment: $9.2 trillion

● Medical kickback schemers fined $2.6 million

President Obama, Get Back In The Game!

Mr. President, you’ve got the bully pulpit: you should set the agenda and the issues for the upcoming election.