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Watch: Pope Showed Sorely Needed Leadership


Ellen Ratner sums up the Pope’s speech to Congress.

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Pope Deviates From Announced Parade Route

The Pope surprised unsuspecting Washingtonians by appearing one street over from the announced route.

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Watch: Fiorina May Not Sway All Women


Fiorina’s description of the Planned Parenthood videos has been called into question.

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Watch: Christie Steps Into Fiorina, Trump Fight



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Watch: Trump, Rand Paul Tussle Again

Paul addressing media at press conference calling for the declassification of 28 pages from 9/11 report

(Photo Credit: William Hadden)

Paul and Trump butted heads in August’s GOP debate.

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Watch: Jindal, Pataki Go After Trump

Donald Trump launches his 2016 campaign for president at Trump Tower in New York. June 16, 2015. Photo: Luke Vargas/TRNS

Trump dominated the opening of CNN’s second-tier debate.

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Clinton Should Acknowledge Email Mistake

Former Sec. of State Hillary Clinton addresses press over email controversy March 10, 2015. Photo/Luke Vargas TRNS

It’s time for Clinton to get ahead of the scandal.

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Watch: Media Missing Important Questions In Clinton Scandal

Who installed the server? Were they able to access the emails?

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Watch: Trump’s Thin Skin Should Raise Concerns

Donald Trump

TRNS’ Ellen Ratner discusses the issue on Fox News Live.

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Obama And Iran: Reminiscent of Kennedy and Soviet Union?

John F. Kennedy

Obama’s speech before American University has been drawing comparison to Kennedy’s 1963 speech on the Nuclear Test Ban treaty.

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Jay Leno Returns To ‘The Tonight Show’ To Roast 2016 Candidates

Jay Leno joining the "Tonight Show" host Jimmy Fallon during the opening monologue on Tuesday, Oct. 7, 2015

“The election’s getting nasty. See, Ralph Nader called Hillary Clinton a corporatist and a militarist….isn’t that unbelievable? Ralph Nader is still alive?” Leno quipped.

NIH Launches Type 2 Diabetes Information Portal

NIH Director Dr. Francis Collins calls it an unprecedented opportunity.

Reid: GOP Benghazi Committee A ‘Hit Job’

“Until House Republicans do the right thing and disband this committee, I will continue to tell the American people about this disgrace, the House Republicans’ Benghazi Committee,” said Reid.

WH: Obama Apologizes To Aid Organization After Deadly Airstrikes

President Obama delivers remarks following a mass shooting at an Oregon community college on Thursday, October 1.

Photo: William McDonald TRNS

In total, 22 people were killed in the airstrike, including 12 doctors, according to Doctors Without Borders.

Sanders To Receive First Congressional Endorsement

Senator Bernie Sanders (D-VT)

The scheduled endorsement will come less than a week before the first Democratic presidential debate in Las Vegas, Nevada on October 13.

Iran’s Supreme Leader Forbids Future Negotiations With U.S.

Supreme Leader of Iran, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei

Khamenei said that the nuclear negotiations with the U.S. and other world powers have harmed Iran.