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Senator Stages Congressional Scenes For Campaign Video

Republicans are calling on Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-La.) to issue a clarification.

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WATCH: Sebelius Announces That She Is Stepping Down


Sebelius called her work on the Affordable Care Act the “cause of my life.”

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Democrat Floats New Obamacare Tweak

Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.) wants a new bracket of health insurance policies that would feature lower premiums, but higher deductibles.

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Supreme Court Divided on Corporations’ Religious Right to Deny Contraceptive Coverage


The Affordable Care Act’s second trip to the High Court appears headed for another 5-4 decision

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WH, Reporters Deny Local TV Reporter’s Claim

Catherine Anaya from CBS5 in Phoenix reported Wednesday that White House spokesmen review questions from members of the White House press corps in advance.

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U.S. Expels Assad’s Diplomats

New U.S. Ambassador to Syria Daniel Rubinstein announced the move Tuesday.

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LeBron James Latest To Promote Obamacare

The move is the latest by the Obama administration to make a final push at getting as many people to sign up before the March 31 deadline as possible.

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Obama: You May Have To Find A New Doctor

The president said that Americans looking to join an Affordable Care Act exchange may have to switch doctors.

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Sebelius Hints At Special Obamacare Enrollment Periods


The HHS Secretary said that the administration can create “special enrollment periods” for people who miss the March 31 deadline.

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Is Obamacare A Prelude To Single-Payer Healthcare?

Brain cancer survivor Shona Holmes, a native of Ontario, has a warning for those who want the U.S. to switch to a single-payer system.

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Counter-Terror Training Camp Built By US In Libya Captured By…Terrorists

U.S. special forces built Base 27 with the hope of training up to 100 Libyan troops who could assist with future American operations in the country.

Iraq And Afghanistan Vets To Be Honored In D.C.


The names of all those who have died in battle since 9/11 will be read aloud at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial on May 24.

The Flat-Earth Society Has Arisen Again

Can you imagine what the reaction would be if all four Republican candidates for North Carolina’s senate seat said the sun revolves around the earth?

Hagel Notifies Egypt Of Military Aid, US Certification

This is a relaxation of a partial suspension of aid imposed by the US government after Egypt’s military ousted President Mohamed Mursi cracked down violently on protesters.

Vice News Correspondent Captured By Russian Militants In Ukraine

Simon Ostrovsky was reporting from the eastern city of Sloviansk when he was seized by pro-Russian separatists.

Georgia Governor Approves Gun Rights Bill

Photo/M. Glasgow

Georgia Gov. Deal called the bill “a great day to affirm our liberties” and said that the bill expands the ability for families to defends themselves.