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White House: Russia Must Address Separatists

“What Russia needs to do … is use their influence to help deescalate the situation,” White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said.

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White House Insists Politics Not To Blame For Keystone Delay

Jay Carney

“I know there’s a great urge and has always been to make this about politics,” Jay Carney said.

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SLIDESHOW: Scenes From The White House Easter Egg Roll

Photo: Geoff Holtzman/TRNS

The White House says over 30,000 people attended this year’s festivities.

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White House Declines To Weigh In On Bieber Deportation

The White House did, however, use the petition to promote immigration reform.

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Biden In Ukraine


The Vice President is in Kiev for two days to try and seal the deal on a peace agreement between Russia and Ukraine.

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Obama Signs Bill Banning Iranian Diplomat From U.S.

Hamid Abutalebi was involved in the 1979 hostage crisis in Iran where Americans were held for more than a year.

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White House: Antisemitic Flyers Disturbing, But Origins Unclear

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney on Friday told TRNS he wasn’t sure who was behind antisemitic flyers in eastern Ukraine.

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Obama Cautiously Embraces Russia-Ukraine Peace Deal

The president called the deal “promising,” but cautioned that only time will tell whether Russia is serious about recalling separatist forces.

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8M Now Enrolled In Obamacare

“This thing is working,” the president said.

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Obama, Biden Announce $600 Million In Grants For Schools

The president said that reviving America’s middle class “is the defining issue of our time.”

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● Indians, Eskimos are prone to early death

● Students cautioned on loan “auto-defaults”

● State prisons are filled with repeaters

● Where did the Class of 2013 go?

● Family leave expansion promoted

● College sued for religious discrimination

South Korea Fears Nuclear Test From The North Ahead Of Obama Visit

Photo/KCNA News

“We confirm that we have spotted several activities related to the nuclear test in Punggye-ri in North Korea,” the South Korean Defense Ministry said Tuesday.

Perry Challenges Cuomo On Economic Policy

Photo: Lisa Kellman/TRNS

Perry challenged New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to a debate on economic policy, charging that Cuomo’s policies are harmful to businesses.

PHOTOS: Cowboys And Indians Rail Against Keystone Pipeline


All photos: Maria Rada/TRNS

In Ukraine, Biden Pledges $50 Million In Military, Electoral Support

Joe Biden with Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk

Burdened with more than $2 billion in Russian energy debts, Prime Minister Yatsenyuk also appealed for U.S. government and private sector energy investment.

Hagel Reviews Advances In Prosthetics And Brain-Related Technologies

The additional demonstrations included a cyberwarfare program, a direct close air support system that can be utilized via mobile technology, and advancements to the Long Range Anti-Ship Missile (LRASM)