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White House Surprised By McCarthy Announcement


There was no “heads up,” Earnest said.

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Pentagon: U.S. Aircraft Re-routed to Avoid Russians Over Syria

Norwegian fighter jet assists 2011 Libyan no-fly zone

“We’ve had an instance at least where there’s been action taken to make sure we didn’t have an unsafe separation of space,” a Pentagon spokesperson said.

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DOD Considering Colorado For Guantanamo Alternative

A guard at Joint Task Force Guantanamo gives a detainee lunch (Flickr Photo/U.S. Army South)

An assessment team will travel to Colorado to “undertake addition site surveys as early as next week,” a Pentagon spokesperson said.

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Senate Passes Defense Funding Bill, Obama Says He Will Veto

US Capitol

The Senate approved of the $611.8 billion defense bill that would set policy and spending priorities for the Pentagon.

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WH: Obama Apologizes To Aid Organization After Deadly Airstrikes

President Obama delivers remarks following a mass shooting at an Oregon community college on Thursday, October 1.

Photo: William McDonald TRNS

In total, 22 people were killed in the airstrike, including 12 doctors, according to Doctors Without Borders.

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Clinton: GOP Push To The Right Fuels Sanders Run

Bill Clinton told Colbert that Democrats are taking a lesson from Republicans.

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White House ‘Welcomes’ Clinton’s Proposal For Executive Action On Gun Control

Josh Earnest

Clinton said she would use executive actions to boost gun control, but Obama has indicated that he has exhausted the tools at his disposal and needs Congress to address gun violence.

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Lessig Announces $1 Million In Donations


The protest candidate received 10,000 small donations.

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Obama Calls On Russia To End Airstrikes

“Russia needs to cease their bloodshed immediately,” Obama said.

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Arne Duncan Stepping Down, John B. King Jr. Named Successor

Obama is expected to announce Duncan’s departure during remarks at 3:30pm.

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Friday, October 9

● Retailers stocking up for a very merry Christmas

● Former “Mrs. Orange County” faces child porn charges

● Who owns the sun?

● Sanctuary cities released 9,300 criminal aliens

● Pinochet ordered Letelier car bombing

● Foreign tourism declined slightly in August

Planned Parenthood Abortionist Says Tissues Not Used for Profit In Undercover Video

In the video, a Planned Parenthood abortionist said the sale of fetal tissues should “not be seen as a new revenue stream.”

Reports: Russian Missiles Miss Syria Target, Hit Iran

Photo/U.S. Missile Defense Agency

A number of Russian cruise missiles launched from the Caspian Sea missed their Syrian targets and landed in Iran, multiple news outlets reported Thursday.

U.S., Canada Donate $21 Million For Health Hubs In Poor Countries

The hubs will be located in India, Ethiopia, Bangladesh, Peru, Suriname, Thailand, Ghana

Baltimore PD Lacks Info To Produce Ben Carson Police Report


Carson told XM Radio on Wednesday that he had once been held at gunpoint while at a Popeye’s in Baltimore.

Report: Boehner Urging Ryan To Accept Speakership

Photo: Luke Vargas/TRNS

Ryan has previously denied that he’ll seek the position.