Corker Won’t Back Clean Bill To Raise Debt Ceiling

"It's very difficult to imagine a situation where I could support a clean debt ceiling without some type of reforms that would lead our country ahead and make us stronger," Corker said.

Bob CorkerSen. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) told reporters Tuesday that he will not vote on a clean bill to raise the debt ceiling.

“It’s very difficult to imagine a situation where I could support a clean debt ceiling without some type of reforms that would lead our country ahead and make us stronger,” Corker said, going on to explain that the urgency surrounding the limit will help motivate lawmakers into adopting entitlement reform and other conservative priorities.

Corker has emerged as a relatively moderate voice during the battle over passing a Continuing Resolution to keep the government funded. In a floor speech late last month, Corker lamented the overpowering focus some Republican lawmakers had placed on defunding or stalling the health care reform law.

The Treasury Department has stated that the U.S. is set to breach the debt limit on October 17th, an occurrence that the administration has warned will result in dire economic consequences.

In response to the threat, Corker, a member of the Senate Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee, said that he could not foresee a situation where the U.S. would not pay bondholders, but noted that any breach would nevertheless be “unsettling.”

Justin Duckham
Justin Duckham is a Senior Washington Correspondent with the Talk Radio News Service. Justin is a proud alumnus of UC Merced, where he studied History, Philosophy and American Studies. Prior to making the jump to politics in 2008, Justin was a music journalist in California. Follow Justin on Twitter @Jduckham

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