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Boehner Helped Create Massive Debt, Says Obama Spokesman

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney responded to criticisms made by House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) regarding President Obama’s new budget.

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Panetta Prepared To Fight Sequestration

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta told lawmakers Wednesday that he is willing to take an active role in preventing $454 billion in Defense cuts over the next decade.

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House Poised To Vote On Payroll Package

House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) told reporters Wednesday that he expects the House to vote this week on a deal made by conferees to extend a payroll tax holiday, unemployment insurance and the Medicare “doc fix.”

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Ex GOP Candidates Won’t Appear On “Dancing With The Stars”

Michele Bachmann and Herman Cain, two one-time Presidential hopefuls who have now left the field, both shot down rumors that they will be appearing on the ABC program Dancing With the Stars. “In full disclosure, I did win a polka dancing competition when I was in the tenth grade at my alma mater, Anoka High […]

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Republicans On Defense Committee Reject Proposed Military Cuts

Republicans on the House Armed Services Committee voiced multiple criticisms today regarding President Obama’s 2013 Defense Budget.

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Highway Bill Put On Hold For Now

A series of interest groups rarely mentioned in the same breath have come together to oppose a massive transportation bill making its way through Congress.

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House Dems Prepping For Payroll Showdown

Steny Hoyer

House Democrats are preparing for a showdown while GOP leaders take heat from their rank-and-file members over a proposal put in place to extend a payroll tax holiday without offsets.

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House Dem: Cantor Lying About Budget Request

A fundraising email from the Democratic Campaign Committee contained harsh words from Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.) aimed at Republicans critical of the White House’s 2013 budget request. “It took Eric Cantor less than an hour to start lying about President Obama’s budget,” Ellison says. “They’re falsely claiming that President Obama’s budget, ‘calls for massive tax […]

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Panetta: Israel Still Weighing Iran Strike


Defense Secretary Leon Panetta Tuesday reaffirmed the administration’s claims that Israel has not yet committed itself to carrying out a military strike against Iran.

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Republicans Drop Payroll Pay-For

House Republicans have crafted an offset-free plan to extend the current payroll tax holiday through the rest of the year.

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Photos: Obama Honors Service Members At Arlington Cemetery

President Obama traveled to Arlington National Cemetery Monday to marks the first Memorial Day during his presidency where the U.S. “is not engaged in a major ground war.”

Obama Marks Special Significance Of Memorial Day

“It’s the first since our war in Afghanistan came to an end,” Obama said, noting that in more than a decade the U.S. “is not engaged in a major ground war.”

Senate Passes Fast-track Authority, Moves To Resistant House

The bill moves on to the lower chamber where it faces an inevitable battle from House Democrats.

Senate Rejects Currency Provision

Senate Republicans (Photo by James Cullum)

The failed provision is a win for President Obama who issued a veto threat over the entire fast-track bill if the amendment passed

UN: Women Disproportionately Affected by Nepal Earthquake

The flag of the Nepal at the United Nations. Photo: Luke Vargas/TRNS

Gender discrimination, a lack of maternal health facilities and poor security in temporary camps is making post-earthquake life difficult for Nepali women.

The World in 2:00 – May 22, 2015

The World in 2:00 continents logo

UN data shows women disproportionately affected by the Nepal earthquake and Irish voters are poised to legalize same-sex marriage in a national vote today.