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Labor History In 2:00- 7/30


Jimmy Hoffa missing

University Cop Pleads Not Guilty For Murdering Unarmed Black Man

The University of Cincinnati Officer Ray Tensing’s bail was set to $1 million following released video that shows what County prosecutor Joseph Deters calls a “murder”

Pelosi Calls Iran Deal A “Diplomatic Masterpiece”

“It is clear the agreement offers the best long term way to stop Iran from getting a nuclear weapon,” said Pelosi.

Senate Passes Own Highway Bill, Bucks House Passed Short-Term DOT Funding


With the House adjourned and the Transportation Department budget set to expire July 31, the Senate is forced to take up Wednesday’s House bill later Thursday where 60 votes are needed for passage.

Dems. Celebrate Voting Rights Act, Blast GOP On Voter Suppression Laws

Georgia Congressman and Civil Rights icon John Lewis implored Republicans to take up Voting Rights re-implementation legislation, saying the country has made too much progress to not do so.

White House Releases Revised HIV/AIDS Domestic Goals

The revised goals include increase in medical care, addressing infection inequities and widespread testing through 2020