New Hampshire Primary: Polls Predict Landslide for Romney

By Deanna Gillen

MANCHESTER, N.H.- Just a week after winning by a razor-thin margin in Iowa, polls released this morning show current front-runner Mitt Romney holding a considerable lead over his GOP rivals.

According to the latest polls released this morning, Romney’s standing is averaging 40 percent, with his rivals lagging behind leaps and bounds from his standing in Iowa, where he skirted past former U.S. Sen. Rick Santorum in Iowa by a mere 8 votes. Polls show Mitt Romney headed for a blowout victory in the New Hampshire Republican primary. According to the Suffolk University Poll, released earlier this week, Romney earns 43 percent, with Ron Paul in second 14; Gingrich at 9; Huntsman at 7; and Santorum at 6. Indeed, nearly every poll conducted this cycle has shown Romney with a double-digit advantage.

Though his opponents have attacked Romney’s position, alleging that he “puts politics first”, the attacks have done little to halt his stride, as he glides through the debates unscathed. Similarly, the Republican Primary Projections Released by the NYTimes show Romney with 98 percent chance of winning.

Mr. Romney’s standing will be solidified on Tuesday, in what will be the First primary of the Republican nomination process. As the solid favorite, all eyes will be on his opponents, jockeying for the spot of chief rival.

All eyes will definitely be on New Hampshire, as the candidates attempt to derail Romney, who for all intensive purposes, is right on track for the Republican nomination.

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