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Save Us From Our Data

Medellín-Luke Vargas-14

Crowd-sourcing is the answer, the “smart city” is a sales pitch.

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PHOTOS: A Bird’s-Eye View of ‘The World’s Most Innovative City’

Medellín-Luke Vargas-15

A visual tour of Medellín, Colombia, this year’s host of the World Urban Forum.

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Olympic, World Cup Waste Scrutinized At World Urban Forum

An abandoned bobled track from the 1984 Sarajevo Winter Olympics. Flickr photo: Gabriel Hess

Experts urge governments to consider cheaper, biodegradable venues for mega events.

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LISTEN: TRNS’ Zack Baddorf In Kiev

Zack Baddorf

A month after his first visit to Kiev’s, Zack describes how the city’s main protest site has changed since the removal of President Yanukovych.

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In Crimea, Ethnic Tensions Loom Despite Otherwise Calm Referendum

Photo: Zack Baddorf

Violence did not overshadow Crimea’s vote Sunday, but union with Russia may ignite tensions with the region’s Tatar population, which sat out the referendum.

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LISTEN: TRNS’ Zack Baddorf In Ukraine

Zack Baddorf

Zack describes the scene in Crimea on Sunday and describes what might be next for Ukraine.

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On Location: The 2013-14 Euromaidan Movement In Ukraine

Luke Vargas 'On Location' at the Euromaidan protests in Kiev, Ukraine. February, 2014.

A video tour of Kiev and the Black Sea port city of Sevastopol as anti-government protests rock Ukraine.

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In Southern Ukraine, Russian Pride Stifles Euromaidan Inroads

Pro-Russian demonstrators confront Euromaidan activists at a rally in Sebastopol. Courtesy: Victor Neganov

Residents of Ukraine’s pro-Russian stronghold of Sevastopol make scathing caricatures of Kiev protesters.

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Inside the Barricades: An In-Depth Look at Ukraine’s Protests


TRNS spent a week in Ukraine getting to know the ins and outs of the EuroMaidan occupation area of downtown Kiev

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LISTEN: Ukrainian Currency Slides As Parliamentary Gridlock Continues


The Ukrainian Hryvnia’s devaluation has accelerated in recent days as opposition lawmakers remain divided over their strategy to push reform measures through parliament.

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● FOIA applies to arrested aliens

● Groups want to keep ban on BP contracts

● Convicted for Navy battery fraud

● Herbicide leaks into food chain

Obama Signs Bill Banning Iranian Diplomat From U.S.

Hamid Abutalebi was involved in the 1979 hostage crisis in Iran where Americans were held for more than a year.

Homs, Syria A “Theatre Of Death And Destruction”: UN Envoy

Recent fighting in the city has cut its residents off from urgent deliveries of humanitarian aid, the opposition Syrian National Coalition said.

Crimea Will Be Ours Again: Ukraine PM

Arseniy Yatsenyuk said Ukraine is ready to fight to hold onto the annexed region, but will concentrate on working with the international community.

Review On Keystone Pipeline Delayed, Again

The delayed review of the pipeline now likely takes the issue off the table for the upcoming November elections.

White House: Antisemitic Flyers Disturbing, But Origins Unclear

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney on Friday told TRNS he wasn’t sure who was behind antisemitic flyers in eastern Ukraine.