Skeptical About Being Called Crazy

One Oregon professor claims that anyone who is skeptical about global warming is sick and needs treatment. According to her, you're in the same category as a racist.

Would you call someone crazy just because they disagree with you?

Many who insist that mankind is causing global warming and climate change want us to overhaul our society: restrict how you live, push gas prices up, send electric bills through the roof, make appliances, autos and even light bulbs far more expensive, and spend billions to subsidize green jobs, all to maybe lower the temperature by a fraction of a degree.

Some of them call you crazy unless you agree. One Oregon professor claims that anyone who is skeptical about global warming is sick and needs treatment. According to her, you’re in the same category as a racist.

Isn’t it time we had honest debate about the facts? That would be better than calling people names just because they object to an extreme makeover of our society, with little to gain from it.

From The Heritage Foundation, I’m Ernest Istook.


Ernest Istook
Ernest Istook shares insights from 25 years in public office, including 14 years as a U.S. Congressman, plus raising five children. He now writes for The Washington Times, hosts a talk radio show, and his daily commentaries are heard on over 100 radio stations. To receive Ernest's free newsletter, simply subscribe at Ernest also delved into issues as a Distinguished Fellow at The Heritage Foundation and a Fellow at Harvard University's Institute of Politics. As a former news reporter and courtroom attorney, he enjoys gathering and sharing ideas and information in an entertaining way. Follow Ernest on Twitter @Istook and on his website,

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