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Navy Revokes Bill Cosby’s Honorary Title

The Navy made Cosby an honorary Chief Petty Officer in 2011.

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Hagel: Resignation Leaves Pentagon Ready To Tackle “Undefinable” Future Issues

The Defense Secretary denied reports of bad blood with President Obama.

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Obama Will Announce Next Defense Secretary On Friday

Obama is expected to name former Undersecretary of Defense Ashton Carter to the position.

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Pentagon Urges Congress To Act On Syrian Rebel Training

The Pentagon still needs congressional approval for funding to support vetting and recruiting process of foreign forces, according to Press Secretary RADM Kirby.

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Report: Obama Poised To Pick Ash Carter As Defense Secretary

According to CNN, Carter and Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson were on the shortlist.

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Pentagon Refutes Claims of “Bad Blood” Between Hagel and White House

Even as Defense Sec. Hagel’s resignation was met with claims that he was pushed out. Pentagon Press Secretary, Rear Adm. Kirby, said this is false.

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Sen. Jack Reed Not Interested In Secretary Of Defense Position

Jack Reed

Reed’s name had been floated as a potential replacement for current Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel, who announced his resignation Monday.

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Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel Steps Down

Hagel will stay on as Defense Secretary until a successor is approved by the Senate.

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Pentagon Increases FY 2015 Military Intelligence Program Budget Request To $16.6 Billion

The original request was $13.3 billion in March.

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Pentagon: Sequestration Would Require “Drastic”, “Arbitrary” Cuts

The Department of Defense isn’t taking federal sequestration lying down.

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Senate Passes Fast-track Authority, Moves To Resistant House

The bill moves on to the lower chamber where it faces an inevitable battle from House Democrats.

Senate Rejects Currency Provision

Senate Republicans (Photo by James Cullum)

The failed provision is a win for President Obama who issued a veto threat over the entire fast-track bill if the amendment passed

UN: Women Disproportionately Affected by Nepal Earthquake

The flag of the Nepal at the United Nations. Photo: Luke Vargas/TRNS

Gender discrimination, a lack of maternal health facilities and poor security in temporary camps is making post-earthquake life difficult for Nepali women.

The World in 2:00 – May 22, 2015

The World in 2:00 continents logo

UN data shows women disproportionately affected by the Nepal earthquake and Irish voters are poised to legalize same-sex marriage in a national vote today.

Obama Signs Law Granting Congressional Review Of Iran Deal


Congress will now be able to reject or approve a nuclear deal reached with Iran which is expected to be announced June 30

Obama Reaffirms Support For Israel, Defends Iran Nuclear Action

“It would be a moral failing on my part if we did not stand up firmly, steadfastly not just on behalf of Israel’s right to exist, but its right to thrive and prosper,” Obama said .