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Hagel Phones Ukraine Counterpart, Pledges Support

Ukrainian Defense Minister Valeriy Heletey requested additional security assistance from the U.S. during the phone call, but the Pentagon would not specify what type of aid was requested.

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Pentagon: Russia Likely Transferring Heavy Weapons Into Ukraine

Ukrainian separatists could be heavily equipped with tanks, armored vehicles and rockets “potentially today”

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State And Pentagon Confirm Russia Is Firing Into Ukraine

The Pentagon confirmed, following the State briefing, that Russia is firing into Ukraine, targeting military posts.

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Hagel Offers To House Additional Undocumented Children, Extend Base Leases

The Pentagon currently houses 2,500 undocumented children, on three military bases, who have fled Central America where crime is on the rise.

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Pentagon: Russia Continues To Supply Weapons To Separatists

Pentagon Spokesman Col. Steve Warren said that Russia continues to supply the Ukrainian separatists with weapons and “includes training on air defense systems.”

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Pentagon: Separatists Likely Had Russian Help

The SA-11 Russian-built surface-to-air missile system could have easily been crossed into the border of eastern Ukraine with the assistance of the Russians, the Pentagon said.

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Defense Appropriations Bill Approved By Full Committee

The bill, which passed unanimously via a voice vote, budgets $549.3 billion in base and overseas contingency operation funding.

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Former POW Bergdahl Hires Lawyer

Bergdahl was released by the Taliban on May 31st in exchange for five members being held at Guantanamo Bay.

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Hagel Reviewing First Assessments On Iraq

The assessments, conducted over a three week period, will be used to determine how the U.S. can assist the Iraqi Security Forces in combating militant groups inside the country.

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Pentagon: F-35 Fighter Jets Return To Limited Flight Status

The fighter jets are on a limited return to flight status as the investigation continues into the cause of an engine fire.

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New Documentary Focuses On Soviet Hockey Team’s Heyday

TRNS interviews filmmaker Gabe Polsky.

Pentagon In “No Rush” To Retake Mosul

“We aren’t there yet,” Pentagon spokesman Rear Adm. John Kirby told reporters on Friday.

Interview With Elana Simon At The White House

Elena Simon introduced President Obama Friday where he laid out a new healthcare initiative known as Precision Medicine

Obama Precision Medicine Initiative Seeks $215 Million

Precision medicine is the science of discovering medicines that target the underlying cause of disease rather than the symptoms.

Pentagon Holds Out On Blaming Taliban For Kabul Airport Attack

Two U.S. contractors were killed and a third was injured in the Friday attack at Kabul International Airport.

U.S. Military To Be On-Hand At Superbowl

Find out what they’ll be doing here.