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Pentagon: 51 Laboratories Sent Live Anthrax And Counting…

The Department says there is no threat to the public.

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Pentagon Stops All Anthrax Shipments

The Defense Department says there is no threat to the general public.

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Pentgon Announces Laboratory Review After 9 Live Anthrax Shipments

The Department is also working with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in their investigation of the shipments.

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Defense Secretary Joins Facebook

Carter is the first Defense chief to join Facebook.

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Pentagon: Anthrax Sent To U.S. Base In South Korea, 22 Personnel Treated

No Defense staff have been disciplined for the shipments.

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Pentagon: Anthrax Transferred To Nine States

The DoD says there is no threat to the general public.

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Pentagon Welcomes Ramadi Counteroffensive, Chastises Iraqi Military

The Pentagon backed up comments made by Defense Sec. Ashton Carter, who told CNN on Sunday that the Iraqi’s in Ramadi lacked the will to fight.

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White House Defends Strategy Against Islamic State

In an inteview with The Atlantic, Obama said that while there have been tactical setbacks against ISIS, ultimately it is because “these are not Iraqi security forces that we have trained or reinforced.”

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CENTCOM On Ramadi Fall: “It Is What It Is”

CENTCOM would not release figures on how large the ISIL attack force was, or how many civilians and ISIL terrorists remain in the city.

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Pentagon: Iranian Cargo Ship Now Under Armed Escort To Yemen

“We are monitoring the Iranian ships every step of the way,” Pentagon spokesman Col. Steve Warren told reporters.

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The World in 2:00 – December 1, 2015

The World in 2:00

The U.N. calls for a rapid scale-up of HIV investment on World AIDS Day, and Canada and Australia seek to repair their images at Paris climate talks.

Defense Sec: New “Targeting Force” To Deploy To Iraq And Syria

Defense Secretary Ashton Carter.   (Photo by James Cullum)

The force “will over time be able to conduct raids, free hostages, gather intelligence and capture” members of the Islamic State, Sec. Carter said.

Hoyer Says Refugee Bill Veto Will Stand

The Senate has not yet voted on legislation to tighten the intake process for refugees from Iraq and Syria.

Ryan Pushes For Mental Health Reform

“The common theme with these kinds of shootings is mental illness and this is something we should not be ignoring,” Ryan said.

Obama: A GOP Pres Would Come Around On Climate Change

“American leadership involves not just playing to a narrow constituency back home,” Obama said.

Obama Honors Rosa Parks On 60th Anniversary Of Bus Boycott

“Because Rosa Parks kept her seat, thousands of ordinary commuters walked instead of rode. Because they walked, countless other quiet heroes marched.”