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Marines: No Marine Handed A Houthi A Weapon

The Marine statements contradict those made earlier by the Department of Defense.

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Pentagon: No Intel Breach By Cyber Caliphate In Newsweek Twitter Hack

The Cyber Caliphate listed federal employee information, including cell phone numbers on Feb. 10.

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Hagel Urges Congressional Cooperation For Authorization For Use Of Military Force

President Obama is looking for Congressional approval to continue the fight against ISIL terrorists in Syria and Iraq.

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Pentagon: We Don’t Communicate With Assad Regime On ISIL

Assad just said otherwise in an interview with the BBC.

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No Investigation: Pentagon Says ISIL Responsible For Kayla Mueller’s Death

“It stuns me that some of you seem to think that an ISIL claim would characterize as a credible allegation,” Defense spokesman Rear Adm. John Kirby told reporters Tuesday.

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SASC Approves Ash Carter As Next Defense Secretary

And the full Senate vote could come this week.

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CENTCOM: Coalition Airstrikes Aid Peshmerga, Cut Supply Routes To Mosul

The Coalition has conducted over 2,000 airstrikes since Operation Inherent Resolve began last August.

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Report: Pentagon Spent Over Half A Million On Viagra Last Year

The 60 contracts were filed under “Troop Support”.

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Hagel Urges NATO To Strengthen Resources

He also reiterated that the crisis in Ukraine will not be solved militarily.

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No Sweat: Ashton Carter Breezes Through Senate Confirmation Hearing

Expect the Senate to vote on Carter’s confirmation before the end of the month.

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White House: Obama Does Not Support ‘Ongoing Effort’ To Defund Planned Parenthood

Senate Republicans are expected to hold a vote Monday in an effort to defund Planned Parenthood

White House To Respond To Petition Urging For Extradition Of Cecil The Lion’s Killer

The petition, with 145,000 signatures on, calls for the extradition of Walter Palmer, an American dentist that has been charged for killing a famous lion in a Zimbabwe national park.

SIGAR: Taliban Fractured In Afghanistan, ISIL Growing

The Special Inspector Gen. For Afghanistan Reconstruction said that the Taliban is “increasingly fractured, with some commanders claiming allegiance to the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant.”

The World in 2:00 – July 30, 2015

The World in 2:00

India’s population will surpass China’s in 2022, according to a new survey of global demographics by the United Nations.

Senate Dems: GOP Risking Government Shutdown In Lieu Of Budget Deadlines

Senate Democrats said Thursday that a government shutdown is likely in October if Republicans continue focusing on defunding Planned Parenthood and not the looming budget deadline on Oct. 1.

Clinton Campaign Chair Blasts Republicans On Medicare

Sen. Rubio claims Medicare “weakened us as a people” while Sen. Paul calls Medicare “socialized medicine,” according to Campaign Chair John Podestra.