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Obama Authorizes Airstrikes, Airdrops In Iraq

“We can act, carefully and responsibly to prevent a potential act of genocide,” Obama said.

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Hagel Warns Of Ukraine Invasion, NATO Claims 20,000 Russian Troops At Border

Secretary of Defense announced Wednesday that he agrees with Poland’s foreign minister that the increase in Russian forces near Ukraine’s border heightened the risk of an invasion.

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Bergdahl Questioning Begins Today

An Army official told TRNS, of the formerly Taliban-held Sgt., that Bergdahl “will get all the time he needs” to answer the questions to determine the circumstances of his capture

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Murdered U.S. General Identified In Afghan Shooting Spree


The Associated Press first released the name of the murdered general in Tuesday’s shooting as United States two-star Maj. Gen. Harold Greene, an hour later the Pentagon released the identity of the general

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Pentagon Has Sold Weapons To Israel Since Gaza Conflict Began

DoD Press Secretary said On July 20th Israel requested ammunition from the Pentagon, three days later the weapons “were therefore delivered to the Israeli Defense Force.”

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Pentagon To Send DoD Advisors To Ukraine, Assessing Additional Support

The team will travel to Ukraine next week, compromising of 3-5 DoD civilians and contractors with expertise “to address their mid- and long-term needs through support for defense institution building, training, education, and other assistance.”

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Pentagon: Russian Forces Continue Movement Along Ukraine Border

Pentagon Press Secretary Adm. John Kirby considers the Russian forces “capable across a wide spectrum of military operations.”

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Hagel Phones Ukraine Counterpart, Pledges Support

Ukrainian Defense Minister Valeriy Heletey requested additional security assistance from the U.S. during the phone call, but the Pentagon would not specify what type of aid was requested.

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Pentagon: Russia Likely Transferring Heavy Weapons Into Ukraine

Ukrainian separatists could be heavily equipped with tanks, armored vehicles and rockets “potentially today”

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State And Pentagon Confirm Russia Is Firing Into Ukraine

The Pentagon confirmed, following the State briefing, that Russia is firing into Ukraine, targeting military posts.

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Op-Ed: Obama To Double Salaried Workers Overtime

The Obama administration has this authority through the DOL, where, by law, any salaried worker must receive what is calculated closer to a households median income.

Tuesday, June 30

● Who will choose the voters?

● Colorado school voucher scheme struck down

● Court won’t review voter registration laws

● Court stops bogus robocall promotion

● USDA lifts bar against diseased beef

● Benghazi blame game began in White House

Interview: Burning Of Black Churches May Be A Perfect Storm

TRNS spoke with Mark Potok, Senior Fellow at the Southern Poverty Law Center over the recent rash of black churches being burned

SCOTUS Suspends Texas Abortion Clinic Rule

With no suspension put in place, Texas would have had a limited number of nine abortion centers left in the second largest state.

California Passes Bill Requiring Vaccinations

The California state assembly passed legislation will now move to Governor Jerry Brown’s desk, where he is expected to sign.

Pentagon: ISIL Is “Potent” But “Losing Strength”

ISIL was born one year ago today.