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Poll: Majority Wants GITMO To Remain Open

The results come amid a renewed push from the White House to close the prison, a topic that is expected to be addressed by the President in a high profile speech Thursday before the National Defense University in Washington, D.C.

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Sergeant Accused Of Secretly Taping Female Cadets

The revelation comes amid a flurry of sexual misconduct scandals

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GITMO Prisoner Starts Twitter Campaign

Shaker Aamer is delivering his messages through his lawyer.

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Pentagon To Takeover Some Drone Operations

The official announcement could come as soon as Thursday, when the President is scheduled to address National Defense University in Washington, D.C.

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Odierno Admits Failure In Preventing Sexual Abuse, Calls For More Action

“It is time we take on the fight against sexual assault and sexual harassment as our primary mission,” Odierno said.

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Gillibrand Spearheads Bill To Change Military Sexual Assault Protocol

The bill also codifies a proposal from Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel that prevents commanders from overturning sexual assault convictions or reducing guilty findings to lesser offenses.

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Hagel Orders Retraining Following Latest Assault Scandal

The Army announced Tuesday that it’s investigating an officer assigned with preventing sexual assault for sexual misconduct.

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Hagel Announces 11 Days Of Furloughs

The number is down from the initially planned 14 days.

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U.S. Leads World In Detainee Detention Practices, Claims DoD Official

Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Rule of Law and Detainee Policy William K. Lietzau emphasized that the U.S. “played a leadership role in the safe and humane custody of detainees in wartime.”

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Prosecutor Refuses To Turn Over Air Force Sexual Battery Charges

Arlington County prosecutor Theo Stamos said Wednesday that her office has taken cases against the military in the past and sees no reason to turn over the latest simply because it is a more high profile legal matter.

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Virgin Galactic Space Ship Crashes In Test Flight

An in-flight anomaly caused a loss of the vehicle over the Mojave Desert.

DoD Civilians Given Guidelines On Ebola

Civilians personnel can either self-monitor or volunteer to go into a 21-day quarantine.

Pew: Latinos Likely to Vote Democrat, Despite No Immigration Reform

Hispanics still trust the Democratic Party more than the GOP to handle other issues besides immigration reform, according to a Pew study.

LISTEN: The World in 2:00 – October 31, 2014

The World in 2:00 continents logo

Leadership change in Burkina Faso, Hungary’s prime minister scraps a proposed internet tax and a Russian film star “visits” the front lines of eastern Ukraine.

Interview: A New Frontier In Preventing Prescription Drug Deaths

TRNS interviews Daniel L. Cohen, Forum Chair of the US Abuse Deterrent Coalition

Obama Says ACA Will Stay, Even If GOP Takes Senate

“No matter how many times Republicans threaten to repeal this law, we’re going to keep it in place, because it’s working,” President Barack Obama said of Obamacare.