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Sequester Would Sideline Thousands Of DoD Civilian Employees

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta had the unenviable job today of informing hundreds of thousands of his civilian employees that they could be furloughed if the sequester takes effect on March 1.

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Gen. John Allen Retiring

Gen. John Allen, who until recently served as the head of coalition forces in Afghanistan, will retire from the military. Allen was poised to take on the role as Supreme Allied Commander of NATO.

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GOP Stalls Hagel Confirmation

Senate Democrats failed Thursday to secure the 60 votes needed to override Republican efforts to deny Chuck Hagel, the administration’s nominee to be Defense Secretary, from receiving an up or down vote.

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Opposition To Hagel Frustrates White House

“We need our new secretary of defense in place,” said Deputy spokesman Josh Earnest.

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Panetta Honors Hillary Clinton

In a ceremony at the Pentagon, Panetta heralded Clinton for her strong sense of pragmatism and efforts to enhance cooperation between the State Department and the Pentagon.

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Hagel Nod Passes Armed Services Committee

The Senate Armed Services Committee voted Tuesday to allow Chuck Hagel’s nomination as Defense Secretary proceed. In a clear party line vote, all 14 Democrats on the committee backed Hagel while 11 Republicans voted against. Sen. David Vitter (R-La.) declined to cast his vote either way. Hagel’s nomination will now go to the full Senate, […]

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Poll: Majority Of Americans Back Drone Strikes

While the use of drones has sparked controversy following the release of a White House memo legally justifying the use of the unmanned military aircrafts against American citizens believed to be terrorists, a new Pew Poll shows that the publicly broad backs their use.

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Pentagon Extending Some Military Benefits To Same Sex Couples

Outgoing Defense Secretary Leon Panetta announced Monday that the Defense Department will provide a number of benefits to the domestic partners of service members in same-sex relationships.

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Sequester Would Hammer Defense Budget

The Pentagon

If the sequester proceeds as planned next month, then the Pentagon will experience a 13 percent cut. Experts say that for the sake of U.S. national security, that must not be allowed to happen.

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Panetta And Dempsey Defend Benghazi Response

Panetta said that the U.S. used all available resources to save American lives, but that the surprise nature of the attack made an earlier response impossible.

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TRNS News Notes- 7/31

House votes to sue Obama
“Stop just hating all the time!”
Gaza: “World stands disgraced”
Israel: “We don’t target civilians”

Lafayette Is Commissioned, The Start I Treaty, And Deval Patrick Turns 58

Here’s what happened today in American political history.

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● Economy soars in “advance” estimate

● Americans benefit from government regulation

● Lawsuit accuses TSA of tax overcharges

● Clinton’s moneytalk tour

● Common blood thinners linked to surgery complications

House Authorizes Lawsuit Against Obama


The lawsuit, passed in a party-line vote, charges that Obama has overstepped his constitutional authority and sidestepped congressional oversight.

Pentagon Has Sold Weapons To Israel Since Gaza Conflict Began

DoD Press Secretary said On July 20th Israel requested ammunition from the Pentagon, three days later the weapons “were therefore delivered to the Israeli Defense Force.”

Pentagon To Send DoD Advisors To Ukraine, Assessing Additional Support

The team will travel to Ukraine next week, compromising of 3-5 DoD civilians and contractors with expertise “to address their mid- and long-term needs through support for defense institution building, training, education, and other assistance.”