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Pentagon: Surplus Military Equipment Has Helped Cops

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel has asked for additional information on the program.

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Pentagon Conducts Most Aggressive Airstrikes Yet In Iraq

Over the weekend, the U.S. military announced that it has conducted 35 airstrikes in northern Iraq, claiming the recapture of the Mosul Dam by Iraqi security forces.

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Pentagon Announces Bergdahl Investigation In Final Stages

While the lead investigator, Army Gen. Kenneth Dahl, has completed his interviews with Bergdahl, the Pentagon says that additional witness may be called upon

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Pentagon Assures Commitment To Asia

Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel returned Wednesday Night on his sixth trip to the region, with plans of visiting the Asia Pacific region four more times in 2014

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Pentagon: Evacuation Mission Far Less Likely Following Assessment

Nearly twenty U.S. military Special Operation Forces conducted the assessment to make recommendations to the White House on how best to evacuate the Yazidi minority

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Pentagon Denies Iraqi Rescue Mission

The Guardian reported that more than 100 US marines and special forces landed on Mount Sinjar in Iraq to rescue the thousands of Yazidi’s trapped by ISIS.

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Russian Aid Convoy Hours From Ukraine Border

Ukrainian President Poroshenko questions Moscow’s intentions behind the convoy, saying Russia will use it as a way to begin a “direct invasion”

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WH Would Consider Ground Troops To Assist Refugees In Iraq


The report stressed that the situation would only be considered if it was given to the White House as a recommendation from the recently-deployed military advisors in Iraq.

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Obama Authorizes Additional Military Personnel To Iraq

The additional troops, which will travel to northern Iraq in the coming days, comes as a recommendation from Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel

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Biden Encourages Kurdistan President To Work With New Iraqi PM

President Barzani expressed willingness to work with al-Abadi.

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Liberia Ebola Free, E-Cigs And Cancer, And Earth Has 3 Trillion Trees

Here are the top TRNS health posts of the week!

Rowan County Deputies Begin Issuing Same-Sex Marriage Licenses

Kentucky State Seal

Following the ordered jail time for the County Clerk who refused to offer the licenses, deputies have began issuing documents to couples

Carter: Iran Nuclear Deal ‘More Durable’ Than Military Strike

“That long-term outcome [of the accord] is more durable than one a military strike would bring about,” Carter wrote in an op-ed in USA Today.

Cameron: UK Will Allow ‘Thousands’ Of Refugees Into Country

As ISIS continues its territorial battles over Syria, much of the population is fleeing to Europe.

UN: South Sudan Ceasefire Breached

Heavy fighting reported in South Sudan’s oil-rich Unity State less than one week after ceasefire agreement signed to end civil war.

Obama To Welcome Saudi King, Provide Assurances Over Iran Deal

According to White House officials, the two leaders will also discuss the ongoing battle against ISIS and the crisis in neighboring Yemen.