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Pentagon Prepared For Prolonged ISIS Mission

“I would think in terms of years,” Mayville said.

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Syrian Rebels To Be Trained Over 8-12 Months

Pentagon Press Secretary Kirby said training will focus on “basic” military skills, focusing on organizational leadership and equipment proficiency.

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Pentagon: Troops Will Not Interact With Ebola Patients

“It’s important to remember the mission, the mission is to do some training, to build these units, and do some logistics, some transport, the movement of material,” Kirby said. “It is not to treat.”

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Dempsey Praises French Airstrikes Against Islamic State

France is the first nation, who has committed to assisting the U.S. led battle against the Islamic State, to conduct direct military strikes

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Pentagon Has Plan To Battle Islamic State In Syria

Hagel told members that a plan to take on ISIS is ready, but Obama has yet to sign off on it.

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Pentagon May Request Troops On Ground In Iraq

Gen. Dempsey said that if the battle agains the Islamic State is not showing signs of success, he may ask the President for troops on the ground.

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Obama Observes Sept. 11 Anniversary At The Pentagon

Speaking at an invitation-only ceremony at the Pentagon on the 13th anniversary of the attack, Obama told family members of victims and survivors in attendance, that “America stands tall.”

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House Condemns Obama for Taliban Prisoner Release

The House expresses their disapproval over the release of detainees in return for Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl.

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U.S. Kills Somalian Terrorist Leader In Airstrike

The Pentagon

“Removing Godane from the battlefield is a major symbolic and operational loss to al-Shabab,” Kirby said.

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Hagel Meets With Ukrainian Counterpart

While attending meetings at the 2014 NATO Summit in Wales, Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel met with Ukrainian Defense Minister, admonishing Russian aggression and thanking the Minister for his services to democracy

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Russia Invades Turkish Airspace, NATO Denounces Actions

Secretary of State John Kerry with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov at the 2013 APEC CEO summit in Bali, Indonesia. Photo: U.S. Department of State

Moscow said that the breach on the Syrian-Turkish border was a mistake, citing bad weather as cause for the incident.

Supreme Court – What Protections Do People Who Guarantee Loans Have?

The Supreme Court, Washington, D.C. (Photo by James Cullum)

The Supreme Court considered how expansive the term “applicant” should be under Federal lending protection laws

The World in 2:00 – October 5, 2015

The World in 2:00

The U.S. finds itself on the receiving end of war crimes allegations after a weekend airstrike on a MSF hospital in Afghanistan.

Supreme Court – Will the Internet Chip Away at Foreign Sovereign Immunity?

The Supreme Court building, Washington, D.C. (Photo by James Cullum)

The high court heard oral arguments on Monday in a case which pits the boarders that divide nations against the Internet that can erase them

White House ‘Welcomes’ Clinton’s Proposal For Executive Action On Gun Control

Josh Earnest

Clinton said she would use executive actions to boost gun control, but Obama has indicated that he has exhausted the tools at his disposal and needs Congress to address gun violence.

Right-To-Die Legislation Signed Into Law In California

Photo: Office of Gov. Edmund G. Brown Jr.

Under the law, patients themselves must be physically capable of taking the medically prescribed drugs that must be approved by two separate doctors.