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Training Stalls For 1,000 Afghans

Training for 1,000 Afghans seeking to join the country’s security forces was suspended this week after a series of “green-on-blue” attacks from Afghan security personnel against coalition forces. “While we have full trust and confidence in our Afghan partners, we believe this is a necessary step to validate our vetting process and ensure the quality […]

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2 Dead In Afghan Helicopter Crash

A helicopter crash in Southern Afghanistan Thursday left two coalition soldiers dead, according to ISAF. The Taliban has taken responsibility for the crash, but the ISAF reports that there was no enemy activity in the area at the time of the incident. The cause of the crash is under investigation. Thursday’s incident marks the second […]

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Top U.S. Officer’s Plane Hit By Shrapnel In Afghanistan

General Martin Dempsey’s plane was hit by rocket shrapnel early Tuesday morning during the the Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff’s trip to Afghanistan. According to White House Deputy Press Secretary, Dempsey was in his quarters and was not harmed. 2 Air Force maintainers were mildly injured, according to the American Forces Press Service. […]

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WH Provides Details About Afghanistan Helicopter Crash

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney comments on an ISAF helicopter crash that killed eleven U.S. troops yesterday in Afghanistan. (2:22)

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Helicopter Crash Kills 11 In Afghanistan

An ISAF helicopter crashed in Southern Afghanistan Thursday, killing 11 on board. According to ISAF, the cause for the crash has not yet been identified, but the Taliban has claimed responsibility. The victims include four International Security Assistance Force members and three United States Forces-Afghanistan as well as three members of the Afghan security force […]

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Panetta: America Hopes For The Best, But Must Fight For It

Appearing at the graduation ceremony for the Marine Corps Officer Candidate School, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta emphasized that Americans hope for the best, but must ultimately fight to achieve it.

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Embattled Missile Defense Director To Be Replaced

The Defense Department announced Monday that Lt. General Patrick O’Reilly will be replaced at the Missile Defense Agency following the release of an Inspector General report that claimed O’Reilly “engaged in a leadership style that was inconsistent with standards expected of senior Army.” Navy Rear Admiral James Syring has been nominated to take the reins […]

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DoD To Exploit Renewable Energy Opportunities On Government Land

The Department of the Interior and the Department of Defense announced an agreement that will open up 16 million additional acres of government land for solar, wind, geothermal, and biomass energy investment in the coming years.

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Panetta: Egyptian President Morsi Appears Committed To Democratic Reform

Speaking with reporters in Cairo, Egypt Tuesday, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said that he felt confident following his meeting with newly elected Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi. “I was convinced that President Morsi is his own man and that he is the president of all the Egyptian people and that he is truly committed to implementing […]

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Panetta Plans To Discuss Iran Contingencies With Israelis, Not Direct Attacks

Speaking with reporters in Cairo, Egypt Tuesday, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said that in his upcoming talks with Israeli leaders, he will discuss contingency plans for dealing with Iran rather than plans for a direct attack.

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Obama, Biden Announce $600 Million In Grants For Schools

The president said that reviving America’s middle class “is the defining issue of our time.”

Russia’s Actions In Crimea Are Being Repeated In Eastern Ukraine: US

Russia is diverting attention from its “territorial expansion” and “fear-mongering by trying to change the subject,” Ambassador Samantha Power said.

Lerner Looked Into Prosecuting Tea Party Groups

New documents show that ex-IRS official Lois Lerner consulted with government lawyers on possible charges against conservative groups that had sought tax-exempt status.

Poll: Uninsured Rate Lower In States Allowing Obamacare

21 states, and the District of Columbia, have embraced Obamacare.

Poll: Huckabee Tops GOP Field In Iowa

Despite Huckabee’s early lead, 23.8 percent said that they are still undecided.