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Panetta Calls For Long Term Budget Deal

“We don’t elect people to survive in office,”Panetta said. “We elect them to govern.”

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President Awards Capt. With Medal Of Honor For Heroic Rescue

Capt. Swenson served one tour in Iraq and was on his second deployment to Afghanistan when members of the Taliban ambushed his patrol.

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Deputy Defense Secretary To Step Down In December

Prior to his post as second in command of the DoD, Carter served as Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics from April 2009 until October 2011.

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DoD And Non-Profit Team Up To Cover Military Death Pay

The decision by the Pentagon to enter into the private contract comes after the Fischer House Foundation decided to pay the death gratuities during the government shutdown.

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26 Military Families Missing Death Pay Amid Shutdown

The death gratuity program provides a special tax-free payment of $100,000 to eligible survivors of members of the armed forces, who die in combat.

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Pentagon Announces Special Envoy For Guantanamo Closure

The envoy will also facilitate the transfer of detainees from the controversial prison.

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Kerry, Hagel Emphasize Cooperation With Japan

Secretaries Kerry and Hagel are in Japan to discuss an array of security issues, including North Korea’s missile threats.

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Intelligence Officials Claim Shutdown Threatening National Security

“This seriously damages our ability to ensure the safety and security of our citizens,” said Director of National Intelligence James Clapper.

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Hagel: Shutdown Creates Concern Overseas


Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said Tuesday that he is looking into ways to exempting more civilian DoD employees from the mandatory furloughs caused by the federal government shutdown, which took effect at midnight.

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Senate Approves Funding For Military Pay

The proposal was passed in the House on Sunday.

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Thursday, April 2

● Profits parked in foreign tax havens

● Arsenic taken off the chickens’ menu

● Iconic Maryland crabs switched for imposters

● The 114th Congress by the numbers

● Ebola drug trial results are encouraging

● Car parts giant fixed prices and rigged bids

LISTEN: The Day Ahead – April 2, 2015

The Day Ahead Logo

Party leaders in the U.K. meet for a 7-way TV debate ahead of next month’s elections and Lebanon’s parliament attempts for a 21st time to select a new president.

Sen. Menendez To Face Federal Charges

The Senator could be arraigned as early as Thursday

California Gov. Issues Mandatory Water Restrictions

Aerial view of Reno, Nevada (foreground), and Lake Tahoe (background) on January 14, 2014. Between the city and the lake, the mountains are nearly bare of snow, an unmistakable sign of precipitation deficits. Photo: Kelly Redmond/NOAA

“Today we are standing on dry grass where there should be five feet of snow. This historic drought demands unprecedented action,” Gov. Brown said.

Amnesty: US Carried Out Fifth-Most Executions in 2014

death penalty

‘Governments are deceiving the public if they say the death penalty will solve crime problems,’ says Amnesty International’s Renzo Pomi.

Iran Talks Extended For Second Time

Flickr Photo/Ralph Alswang

The State department announced that Sec. John Kerry will remain in Switzerland another day for negotiations.