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Pentagon: Evacuation Mission Far Less Likely Following Assessment

Nearly twenty U.S. military Special Operation Forces conducted the assessment to make recommendations to the White House on how best to evacuate the Yazidi minority

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Pentagon Denies Iraqi Rescue Mission

The Guardian reported that more than 100 US marines and special forces landed on Mount Sinjar in Iraq to rescue the thousands of Yazidi’s trapped by ISIS.

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Russian Aid Convoy Hours From Ukraine Border

Ukrainian President Poroshenko questions Moscow’s intentions behind the convoy, saying Russia will use it as a way to begin a “direct invasion”

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WH Would Consider Ground Troops To Assist Refugees In Iraq


The report stressed that the situation would only be considered if it was given to the White House as a recommendation from the recently-deployed military advisors in Iraq.

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Obama Authorizes Additional Military Personnel To Iraq

The additional troops, which will travel to northern Iraq in the coming days, comes as a recommendation from Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel

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Biden Encourages Kurdistan President To Work With New Iraqi PM

President Barzani expressed willingness to work with al-Abadi.

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Report: Aid Helicopter Crashes In Iraq


The cause of the crash was not immediately clear.

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U.S. Has Carried Out 15 Airstrikes, But ISIS Still A Threat

14 humanitarian airdrops have been flown as well.

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Airstrikes Continue, Target ISIS Military Vehicles And Weaponry

Sunday marked the third consecutive day of U.S. organized airstrikes in Iraq.

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Pentagon Cannot Account For Nine Bundles Airdropped Into Iraq

With 5,300 gallons of water reportedly dropped, this would leave as little as 17 ounces of water for each of the 40,000 reported persons dying of dehydration

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Planned Parenthood Abortionist Says Tissues Not Used for Profit In Undercover Video

In the video, a Planned Parenthood abortionist said the sale of fetal tissues should “not be seen as a new revenue stream.”

Reports: Russian Missiles Miss Syria Target, Hit Iran

Photo/U.S. Missile Defense Agency

A number of Russian cruise missiles launched from the Caspian Sea missed their Syrian targets and landed in Iran, multiple news outlets reported Thursday.

U.S., Canada Donate $21 Million For Health Hubs In Poor Countries

The hubs will be located in India, Ethiopia, Bangladesh, Peru, Suriname, Thailand, Ghana

Baltimore PD Lacks Info To Produce Ben Carson Police Report


Carson told XM Radio on Wednesday that he had once been held at gunpoint while at a Popeye’s in Baltimore.

Report: Boehner Urging Ryan To Accept Speakership

Photo: Luke Vargas/TRNS

Ryan has previously denied that he’ll seek the position.

Reid: GOP Chaos Will Worsen Following McCarthy Exit

“The economic livelihood of the American people should not be threatened as a result of Republicans’ inability to govern,” Reid said.