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Hagel Welcomes Israeli Defense Minister To The Pentagon

The pair will hold meetings with US Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Martin Dempsey and Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren.

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Analysis: Sequester Will Reduce Military Readiness

Now that sequestration has taken effect, many Americans are wondering exactly how the budget cuts will impact the U.S. military. Global intelligence assessment firm Stratfor has perhaps the best and most extensive answer to this question.

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Pentagon Prepares For Sequestration

Newly sworn-in Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel and Deputy Defense Secretary Ashton Carter warned Friday that now that the deadline for sequestration seems all but unavoidable, the U.S. can prepare for a series of national security setbacks.

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House Armed Services Chairs Blast Dems Over Defense Cuts

“I have never in my lifetime seen such a lack of leadership and truth telling emanating from the White House and our Commander in Chief,” said McKeon. (Photo Credit Maggie Ybarra)

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Bradley Manning Pleads Guilty, Maintains He Hasn’t Aided The Enemy

Bradley Manning, the former Army private charged with delivering secret U.S. documents to the whistleblower site WikiLeaks, pleaded guilty Thursday to 10 charges but maintained his innocence for an additional 12, including aiding the enemy.

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Critics: Sequester Reveals States’ Heavy Reliance On Feds

For states that rely heavily on federal government spending — states such as Virginia — the seemingly imminent budget cuts known as “sequestration” are a wake-up call.

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Hagel Delivers First Speech As Defense Secretary

Shortly after being sworn in Wednesday Chuck Hagel delivered his first remarks as Defense Secretary to military and civilian staff at the Department of Defense.

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Hagel Officially Sworn In

The Pentagon announced Wednesday morning that Chuck Hagel has been sworn in as the new Secretary of Defense.

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Pentagon: We’re Not “Crying Wolf”

Pentagon Press Secretary George Little reaffirmed the threat that sequestration would post to the Defense community Tuesday, adding that the Department is not just “crying wolf.”

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Surprise! Defense Spending Would Rise Under Sequestration

Scary budget scenarios are flying over Virginia faster than F-15s over Afghanistan, but fiscal analysts say Chicken Little defenses are pointless, and off target.

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Earnest: U.S. Won’t Reveal Timing Of Syrian Airstrikes

President Obama is prepared to launch airstrikes in Syria, but not specific on when they will happen.

Syrian Rebels To Be Trained Over 8-12 Months

Pentagon Press Secretary Kirby said training will focus on “basic” military skills, focusing on organizational leadership and equipment proficiency.

LISTEN: The Weekend Ahead – September 20-21

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The largest-ever climate rally is planned for Sunday in New York, Sierra Ebola emerges from nationwide home confinement, and the MH370 hunt continues.

Kerry, French Counterpart Pledge Support for Baghdad at UN

Kerry said every country, including Iran, has a role to play im fighting the Islamic State.

European Human Rights Conference To Hammer Russia Over Ukraine Crisis

57 member states will participate in the Human Dimension Implementation Meeting from Sept. 22 – Oct. 3, in Warsaw, Poland.

Pentagon: Troops Will Not Interact With Ebola Patients

“It’s important to remember the mission, the mission is to do some training, to build these units, and do some logistics, some transport, the movement of material,” Kirby said. “It is not to treat.”