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15 GOP Senators Urge Obama To Dump Hagel

15 Republican Senators sent a letter to the White House Thursday urging President Barack Obama to withdraw his nomination of Chuck Hagel for Defense Secretary.

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Poll: Hagel’s Disapproval Rating Rises

A new Pew Research survey out today shows that Hagel’s unfavorability rating has climbed 11 points in the past month.

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Sequester Would Sideline Thousands Of DoD Civilian Employees

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta had the unenviable job today of informing hundreds of thousands of his civilian employees that they could be furloughed if the sequester takes effect on March 1.

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Gen. John Allen Retiring

Gen. John Allen, who until recently served as the head of coalition forces in Afghanistan, will retire from the military. Allen was poised to take on the role as Supreme Allied Commander of NATO.

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GOP Stalls Hagel Confirmation

Senate Democrats failed Thursday to secure the 60 votes needed to override Republican efforts to deny Chuck Hagel, the administration’s nominee to be Defense Secretary, from receiving an up or down vote.

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Opposition To Hagel Frustrates White House

“We need our new secretary of defense in place,” said Deputy spokesman Josh Earnest.

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Panetta Honors Hillary Clinton

In a ceremony at the Pentagon, Panetta heralded Clinton for her strong sense of pragmatism and efforts to enhance cooperation between the State Department and the Pentagon.

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Hagel Nod Passes Armed Services Committee

The Senate Armed Services Committee voted Tuesday to allow Chuck Hagel’s nomination as Defense Secretary proceed. In a clear party line vote, all 14 Democrats on the committee backed Hagel while 11 Republicans voted against. Sen. David Vitter (R-La.) declined to cast his vote either way. Hagel’s nomination will now go to the full Senate, […]

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Poll: Majority Of Americans Back Drone Strikes

While the use of drones has sparked controversy following the release of a White House memo legally justifying the use of the unmanned military aircrafts against American citizens believed to be terrorists, a new Pew Poll shows that the publicly broad backs their use.

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Pentagon Extending Some Military Benefits To Same Sex Couples

Outgoing Defense Secretary Leon Panetta announced Monday that the Defense Department will provide a number of benefits to the domestic partners of service members in same-sex relationships.

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Pentagon Responds To Putin’s Claim That Russia Could Take Kiev In Weeks

TRNS sat down with Pentagon Spokesman Col. Steve Warren to assess Putin’s claim that Russia is capable of taking Ukraine within weeks

LISTEN: The World in Two Minutes – September 2, 2014

The World in 2:00

A UN warning on Ebola, the Islamic State claims to have killed another American journalist, and a 41-year-old Italian is the EU’s next foreign policy chief.

Royce “Disgusted” By Alleged ISIS Execution

Ed Royce

“I am disgusted by what appears to be another horrendous killing of an American journalist at the hands of ISIS,” Royce said in a statement. “My thoughts and prayers are with Steven Sotloff’s family.”

CDC Head Predicts Ebola Epidemic “Likely To Get Worse”

“Everything I’ve seen suggests that over the next few weeks, it’s likely to get worse,” Frieden said.

ISIS Video Shows Purported Execution Of American Journalist

Photo/ The Daily Caller

“Obama, your foreign policy of intervention in Iraq was supposed to be for preservation of American lives and interests,” Sotloff says in the video.

Pentagon: U.S. Military Forces Conducted Operation In Somalia

On Monday, U.S. forces conducted a military operation in Somalia, however provided no further details than the announcement