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White House Says U.S. Is Prepared To Stop Ebola Virus

The White House has stated this week that a travel ban from infected regions would not be useful in the fight against the disease which has ravaged much of West Africa

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U.S. Commander: Taliban Attacks In Afghanistan “Exaggerated”

Recent news of incursions by the Taliban in the Helmand and Nuristan provinces might have been a result of misinformation, says Gen. Campbell.

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U.S. And Afghanistan Sign Bilateral Security Agreement

Obama said the agreement “reflects our continued commitment to support the new Afghan Unity Government.”

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Pentagon Denies Knowledge Of Airstrikes Near Turkish Border

Pentagon Spokesman, Col. Steve Warren said he was unaware who may have conducted the airstrikes which reportedly targeted the Islamic State

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Pentagon Prepared For Prolonged ISIS Mission

“I would think in terms of years,” Mayville said.

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Syrian Rebels To Be Trained Over 8-12 Months

Pentagon Press Secretary Kirby said training will focus on “basic” military skills, focusing on organizational leadership and equipment proficiency.

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Pentagon: Troops Will Not Interact With Ebola Patients

“It’s important to remember the mission, the mission is to do some training, to build these units, and do some logistics, some transport, the movement of material,” Kirby said. “It is not to treat.”

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Dempsey Praises French Airstrikes Against Islamic State

France is the first nation, who has committed to assisting the U.S. led battle against the Islamic State, to conduct direct military strikes

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Pentagon Has Plan To Battle Islamic State In Syria

Hagel told members that a plan to take on ISIS is ready, but Obama has yet to sign off on it.

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Pentagon May Request Troops On Ground In Iraq

Gen. Dempsey said that if the battle agains the Islamic State is not showing signs of success, he may ask the President for troops on the ground.

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Friday, November 27

● 24 more American terrorists added to list

● Tips for year-end charity giving

● Fortune’s path isn’t paved with licked envelopes

● Who watches the watchdog?

● Manatees no match for lobbyists and politicians

● FOIA suit seeks expense records for Obama protection

The World in 2:00 – November 25, 2015

The World in 2:00

The U.N. warns that political crisis in Burundi is dragging the country toward civil war.

DHS Releases Video On Refugee Vetting Process

Refugees wait for food deliveries at Syria's Yarmouk camp. February 26,2014. UN Photo/UNRWA.

“We can continue to ensure our own security, while doing our share to welcome refugees fleeing violence,” Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson said.

Wednesday, November 25

● USPIRG releases 30th annual toy safety report

● 86,000 Syrian immigrants live in the U.S.

● Atheist “nativity” celebrates Bill of Rights

● Doctors endorse wider use of generic drugs

● Post office starts “Letters FROM Santa”

● Girls’ toy list: Barbie soars as Frozen fades