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Hagel Delivers First Speech As Defense Secretary

Shortly after being sworn in Wednesday Chuck Hagel delivered his first remarks as Defense Secretary to military and civilian staff at the Department of Defense.

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Hagel Officially Sworn In

The Pentagon announced Wednesday morning that Chuck Hagel has been sworn in as the new Secretary of Defense.

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Pentagon: We’re Not “Crying Wolf”

Pentagon Press Secretary George Little reaffirmed the threat that sequestration would post to the Defense community Tuesday, adding that the Department is not just “crying wolf.”

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Surprise! Defense Spending Would Rise Under Sequestration

Scary budget scenarios are flying over Virginia faster than F-15s over Afghanistan, but fiscal analysts say Chicken Little defenses are pointless, and off target.

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Hagel Confirmed, Lew Inches Closer

In a 58 to 41 vote Tuesday, the Senate officially confirmed Chuck Hagel as the nation’s next Defense Secretary.

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Panetta: Sequestration Has Worldwide Consequences

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta warned Friday that if Congress fails to avert sequestration and Defense spending undergoes heavy cuts, the consequences will extend to U.S. allies as well.

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15 GOP Senators Urge Obama To Dump Hagel

15 Republican Senators sent a letter to the White House Thursday urging President Barack Obama to withdraw his nomination of Chuck Hagel for Defense Secretary.

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Poll: Hagel’s Disapproval Rating Rises

A new Pew Research survey out today shows that Hagel’s unfavorability rating has climbed 11 points in the past month.

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Sequester Would Sideline Thousands Of DoD Civilian Employees

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta had the unenviable job today of informing hundreds of thousands of his civilian employees that they could be furloughed if the sequester takes effect on March 1.

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Gen. John Allen Retiring

Gen. John Allen, who until recently served as the head of coalition forces in Afghanistan, will retire from the military. Allen was poised to take on the role as Supreme Allied Commander of NATO.

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TRNS News Notes- 10/1/14

Ebola in the U.S.A.
Felon with gun in elevator with Obama
Obama didn’t know
Secret Service director: “Mistakes were made”
Spox: WH backs Secret Service
Spox: “Conflicting facts can emerge”
Hong Kong expects huge National Day protests

The Government Shuts Down, The Supreme Court Suspends Bill Clinton And Jimmy Carter Is 90

Plus, the Defense Intelligence Agency is formed and the Free Speech Movement gets off the ground.

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● Obama AWOL from most intelligence briefings

● Bye, bye, blackout rule

● County drug disposal ordinance is upheld

● What kids are wearing for Halloween

● Lenders feast on mobile homes

● EPA releases greenhouse gas data

LISTEN: The Day Ahead – October 1, 2014

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Protests and pageantry for Chinese National Day in Hong Kong, Benjamin Netanyahu meets with President Obama and the White House fence jumper appears in court.

LISTEN: The World in 2:00 – September 30, 2014

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The latest on pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong.

Secret Service Chief Grilled Over Security Lapses

Members of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee say there’s a question of leadership within the Secret Service.