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Pentagon Facing Twin Scandals

Personnel stand accused of inappropriate conduct with a subordinate and cheating on certification exams.

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Pics Of Marines Burning Bodies Trigger Pentagon Investigation

First reported by TMZ, 41 photographs were released that are allegedly from 2004 in Fallujah.

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Deadly Blasts Kill Dozens In Iraq

One deadly blast occurred in a busy market in the capital city and another during a funeral service for a Sunni Muslim pro-government militiaman, just north of Baghdad.

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Federal Spending Bill Allocates $527 Billion To Pentagon

The spending bill would also reverse the planned military pension cuts of $6 billion to military retirees.

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Gates Says Clinton Would Be A Good President

Gates’ soon-to-be released memoir, entitled “Duty,” included harsh criticism of a number of figures in the White House.

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2013 Deadliest Year In Iraq In Five Years

Secretary of State John Kerry said Sunday that the U.S. will not send any troops into Iraq, but will nevertheless offer assistance.

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Kerry Rules Out Boots On The Ground, But Promises Iraq Help

“This is their fight, but we’re going to help them in their fight,” Kerry said.

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DoD Adjusts Imminent Danger Pay Rules

DOD adjusted the locations after conducting a periodic review that involved joint staff, combatant commands and military services

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Pentagon Cracks Down On “Spice”

The Defense Department is adding the synthetic drug to its list of restricted chemicals.

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Final Uighurs Released From GITMO

“This transfer and resettlement constitutes a significant milestone in our effort to close the detention facility at Guantanamo Bay,” Pentagon Press Secretary Rear Admiral John Kirby said in a statement.

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Senate Passes Fast-track Authority, Moves To Resistant House

The bill moves on to the lower chamber where it faces an inevitable battle from House Democrats.

Senate Rejects Currency Provision

Senate Republicans (Photo by James Cullum)

The failed provision is a win for President Obama who issued a veto threat over the entire fast-track bill if the amendment passed

UN: Women Disproportionately Affected by Nepal Earthquake

The flag of the Nepal at the United Nations. Photo: Luke Vargas/TRNS

Gender discrimination, a lack of maternal health facilities and poor security in temporary camps is making post-earthquake life difficult for Nepali women.

The World in 2:00 – May 22, 2015

The World in 2:00 continents logo

UN data shows women disproportionately affected by the Nepal earthquake and Irish voters are poised to legalize same-sex marriage in a national vote today.

Obama Signs Law Granting Congressional Review Of Iran Deal


Congress will now be able to reject or approve a nuclear deal reached with Iran which is expected to be announced June 30

Obama Reaffirms Support For Israel, Defends Iran Nuclear Action

“It would be a moral failing on my part if we did not stand up firmly, steadfastly not just on behalf of Israel’s right to exist, but its right to thrive and prosper,” Obama said .