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Obama Condemns Sexual Assault In The Military, Calls For “Consequences”

The President’s remarks come just days after the officer tasked with overseeing the Air Force’s sexual assault prevention program was arrested for allegedly committing sexual battery.

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Hagel ‘Outraged’ Over Air Force Officer’s Alleged Sexual Battery

Lt. Col Jeffrey Krusinski was removed from his post and taken into custody just after midnight on Saturday in Arlington, Virginia after being accused of grabbing a woman’s breast and buttocks.

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Hagel Welcomes Kerry To Pentagon For First Meeting

“This is the first time that both the sitting Secretary of State and Secretary of Defense are Vietnam War combat veterans,” Pentagon Press Secretary George Little noted.

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U.S. Considering Arming Syrian Rebels

Hagel said that he is in favor of “exploring options and seeing what is the best.”

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Petraeus Takes Second Academic Post

Petraeus announced last month that he would also be assuming the role of visiting professor at City University of New York’s Macaulay Honors College.

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Hagel Holds Meeting With Arms Executives To Discuss Budget Cuts

The DoD is currently faced with cutting $41 billion from its current budget.

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Hagel: US Now Believes Chemical Weapons Used In Syria

UN Photo/David Manyua

President Obama has repeatedly said that the use of chemical weapons would be a “game changer” for the United States.

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Drone Shot Down Over Israel

Hezbollah has denied responsibility for the incursion into Israeli airspace.

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Hagel Arrives In Egypt After Two-Day Talks In Israel

Hagel has already visited Jordan and will follow with stops in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

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Reid: Ricin May Have Been Discovered At Air Force Base

The Senate Majority Leader says another potential ricin-laced letter has been discovered at an Air Force base in Washington, D.C.

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● Blood sugar level linked to brain growth

● Terrorist support brings 15-year sentence

● Forest cops lose morale

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● Obama trips to fundraisers cost $1.2 million

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Ban Ki-moon heads to Ebola-affected West Africa, new data on average lifespans and the 100-year anniversary of the World War One “Christmas Truces”

Clinton Foundation Sets Focus On Those “Too Small To Fail”

TRNS interviews Patti Miller, the Director of the Clinton Foundation’s “Too Small to Fail” initiative.

McSally Wins Final House Seat

Photo/ Martha McSally For Congress

In a race that had been closely contested, McSally defeated the Democratic incumbent Rep. Ron Barber by margin of only 167 votes.

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The United States and Cuba announce plans to “normalize relations.”

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