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US Military Official Expects Spike In Afghan Violence

With the end of the month-long fasting required by the holy month of Ramadan and as the fighting season draws to an end, an increase in violence is predicted.

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Pentagon May Make It Easier For Same-Sex Couples To Marry

Lt. Cmdr. Nate Christensen wrote that “the Department of Defense is working alongside the Department of Justice to implement the Court’s decision as quickly as possible.”

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Pentagon Reduces Number Of Furlough Days To Six

In a statement released by Secretary Chuck Hagel, the Pentagon leader credited the cut in work hours “due to a combination of Congressional approvals and [Defense] Department budget management efforts.”

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Commander Condemns DoD For Victim-Blaming Sexual Assault Poster

Poster urged avoiding secluded areas and “[socializing] with people who share your value.”

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Fort Hood Trial Opens

Hasan will be representing himself, a decision that may mean he will be in the strange position of examining some of his victims during the trial.

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Senate Committee Approves 2014 DoD Budget Request

The House Appropriations Committee passed their own version of the DoD 2014 budget on July 24th.

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Hagel Previews “Draconian” Funding Options Under Sequestration

Compensation could be cut by almost $50 billion over a decade’s time, Hagel warned.

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Pentagon Report Suggests U.S. Support For Afghan Military Beyond 2014

The 181-page report is a 6-month assessment covering October 2012 to March 2013, detailing the current progress of security and stability of the conflict in Afghanistan.

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Bradley Manning Not Guilty Of Aiding The Enemy

The charge carried the possibility of a life sentence.

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Unmanned Aircraft Systems Migrate From Military to Commercial Use

The demand for UAS technology is migrating from military and law enforcement agencies to now include commercial enterprises, public institutions and non-defense government agencies.

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Photos: Bush, Paul, Santorum at CPAC 2015

Oh, and how could we forget Donald Trump? He was there, too.

At The Elevnth Hour, House Extends DHS Funding For Seven Days

The Senate earlier passed the seven-day extension bill, giving House Republicans a pass on a possible DHS shutdown

U.S. And Cuba Hold Embassy Establishment Talks

The U.S. delegation hopes that talks of an Embassy in Havana could be finalized by April, when the Summit of Americas is scheduled to convene

House Fails To Pass Partial Funding For DHS

As of Friday evening at 5:30 pm EST, it is unclear how Congress will proceed in order to keep the Department of Homeland Security funded after the midnight deadline

Obama On Death Of Leonard Nimoy: ‘I Loved Spock’

Photo/ Leonard Nimoy on Twitter

“Michelle and I join his family, friends, and countless fans who miss him so dearly today,” Obama said.

Earnest: Obama Would Sign A Short-Term Funding Bill For DHS

Press Secretary Earnest speaks at a press briefing on Monday about DHS funding

“If the president is faced with a choice of having the Department of Homeland Security shut down or fund that department for a short-term, the president is not going to allow the agency to shut down,” Earnest said Friday.