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Pentagon Delays Military Aid To Egypt

Pentagon spokesperson Geoge Little said President Obama will be consulting with Congress on military assistance and reviewing additional options.

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Pentagon Sends Congress Military Options On Syria

The Pentagon has released details to Congress of its military options in Syria, warning that the intervention to overthrow President Bashar al-Assad could cost the US $1 billion a month.

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Veterans Seek Resources To Treat Military Sexual Trauma

Survivors of sexual assault in the military who suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD) are often misdiagnosed and have difficulty finding a mental health care provider.

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McCain Spars With Dempsey Over Syria

McCain has been a strong supporter of military action in Syria and has accused the Obama administration of being inactive when it comes to taking a strong enough stance against President Bashar Assad and his supporters.

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Hagel Warns Of More Layoffs As Sequestration Continues

“Sequestration is a mindless, irresponsible process,” Hagel added. “You know it. I know it, and I’m hoping our leaders in Washington will get that and come to some policy resolution.”

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Paul, Cruz Back Gillibrand’s Military Sexual Assault Bill

“I see no reason that conservatives shouldn’t support this,” Paul said.

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IG Releases Scathing Reviews Of Camp In Afghanistan

Camp Leatherneck is reportedly in direct violation of the military’s solid waste disposal regulations.

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Hagel Warns Against “Draconian” Budget Cuts

The letter was sent Wednesday in response to the committee’s questioning over how the Defense Department will be affected by budget cuts outlined in the 2011 Budget Control Act.

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Report: Zero Troop Option In Afghanistan Becoming “A Realistic Path”

The report, which cites American and European officials, says that the possibility has become more likely following tensions amid President Obama and Afghan President Hamid Karzai.

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Hagel Phones Egyptian Counterpart

The Pentagon has not taken sides in the Egyptian conflict.

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Listen: Jindal Says 2016 Decision Could Come Mid-June

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal (R)

Jindal is waiting until Louisiana wraps up its current legislative session.

Report: DoJ Leaning Toward Opposing Comcast-Time Warner Cable Merger


According to the report, lawyers have raised concerns that the proposed merger by Comcast would harm consumers.

Obama And Italian Leader Pledge Cooperation Over Extremism

Obama and the Prime Minister agreed that Italy is at a particular risk because of its geographic proximity to North Africa where violent extremism has grown in the last several years

Obama Defends New Trade Deal Policy

The new trade deal leaves some Democrats fearful of job outsourcing and lax labor and environmental regulations

Federal Court To Hear Arguments Over Obama’s Immigration Orders

The Obama administration is requesting an emergency stay on a ruling from a Texas judge who halted the president’s executive orders


Thom Hartmann

Some activists are looking for natural solutions to climate change.