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House To Vote On Elimination Of Obamacare Penalty

“The bill will provide relief and fairness to individuals, just as the administration has done for businesses, by making the individual mandate penalty $0 for the remainder of the year,” House Majority Leader Eric Cantor Said.

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Eric Cantor Feels Heat Over Immigration ‘Boondoggle’

Photo: Geoff Holtzman/TRNS

Two Republican congressional candidates in Virginia say the federal investor-visa program is “ripe with abuse” and that it’s time for a House cleaning.

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Cantor’s Big Business Agenda Sparks Primary Challenge

FEELING HEAT: House Majority Leader Eric Cantor's flexibility on immigration reform makes him vulnerable to charges that he has lost touch with conservative principles.

Dave Brat is challenging Rep. Eric Cantor in a Republican primary — and giving the House majority leader a verbal thrashing on immigration.

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5 Reasons To Gut The Farm Bill

LIPSTICK ON PIGS: Critics from the left and right are bashing the Farm Bill. (Photo: Food and Water Watch)

The ultimate in pork-barrel politics, the Farm Bill is ripe for final approval today.

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How Government Shutdown Can Help Main Street


Federal rule-making has ground to a halt with the government shutdown — and that’s good for the economy.

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Hoyer Hints At Bipartisan Support For Manufacturing Plan

As Congress enters a five week recess tomorrow, Hoyer said Democrats are hopeful GOP leaders will return in September with a willingness to compromise.

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Cantor Denounces IRS Actions At Virginia GOP Convention

“We’re going to get to the bottom of this,” he said.

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House GOP Leadership Pulls Obamacare Reform Bill

The Help Sick Americans Now Act would transfer funds away from the health care reform law.

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WATCH: Cantor Unveils New Proactive GOP Agenda

The Virginia Republican targeted immigration, taxes and healthcare in his pitch to recast his party as one that has the right prescriptions to benefit America’s middle class.

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GOP Will Allow Three-Month Debt Limit Extension

According to the plan, Congress must come together by the end of those 90 days to pass a budget that includes billions in spending cuts. Failure to do so would result in lawmakers not receiving their congressional pay.

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CBO: Obama’s Budget Proposal Would Add $6.6 Trillion To Deficit

The agency says that the budget would add $1.7 trillion more to the deficit than the White House initially predicted.

Obama Cautiously Embraces Russia-Ukraine Peace Deal

The president called the deal “promising,” but cautioned that only time will tell whether Russia is serious about recalling separatist forces.

8M Now Enrolled In Obamacare

“This thing is working,” the president said.

McAllister Staffer Accused Of Leaking Video Steps Down

McAllister’s chief of staff told the Monroe News-Star, a local paper, that Gordon was not fired.

UN Base In Bor, South Sudan Overrun; 60+ Killed

A photo from December 18, 2013 shows civilians crowding outside the U.N. compound in Bor, South Sudan in an attempt to flee from fighting. UN Photo/Hailemichael Gebrekrstos

An armed mob approached the base pretending to deliver a petition, but gunmen breached the compound’s walls and opened fire on hundreds sheltered inside.

Kerry Confirms: Jews In Eastern Ukraine Being Ordered To Register

“In the year 2014, after all of the miles traveled and all of the journey of history, this is not just intolerable, it’s grotesque. It is beyond unacceptable,” Kerry said.