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IRS May Stonewall Tea Party Probe For Years


The IRS expects you to pay taxes on time, but says it will take years before it complies with a Congressional subpoena.

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LISTEN: Tea Party Leader Says IRS Finally Approved Her Tax Exempt Application

Tea Party Patriots co-founder Jenny Beth Martin questioned the timing of the approval, which came just hours before she testified before a House Oversight panel.

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Cantor’s Big Business Agenda Sparks Primary Challenge

FEELING HEAT: House Majority Leader Eric Cantor's flexibility on immigration reform makes him vulnerable to charges that he has lost touch with conservative principles.

Dave Brat is challenging Rep. Eric Cantor in a Republican primary — and giving the House majority leader a verbal thrashing on immigration.

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Is Ed Gillespie Facing An Ambush In Virginia?

BATTLE-READY: U.S. Senate hopeful Howie Lind predicts he will have an edge at the GOP nominating convention.

National Republicans figure Ed Gillespie can give Democratic Sen. Mark Warner a run for his money this November.

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Bachmann Links IRS Scandal To Obamacare

“It is very important to ask and it is reasonable to ask: could there potentially be political implications regarding health care, access to health care, denial of health care,” Bachmann said.

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Blasting ‘Big-Government GOP,’ Viguerie Plots ‘Takeover’

In an exclusive interview with Watchdog.org, Viguerie wasn’t shy about calling out the “big-government wing of the Republican Party.”

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Ken Cuccinelli-Terry McAuliffe Battle Looms in Virginia’s Governor Race

By Kenric Ward | Watchdog.org Tea party favorite Ken Cuccinelli all but locked up Virginia’s 2013 GOP gubernatorial nomination Wednesday when rival Bill Bolling pulled out of the contest. Bolling, currently serving as lieutenant governor, cleared the way for the less-senior Bob McDonnell to run for governor in 2009. Now, according to multiple news reports, […]

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Missouri And Michigan Primaries Highlight Tea Party, Establishment Strength

A scattering of primary elections across the country Tuesday painted a mixed picture of Republican Party trends as November approaches.

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LISTEN: Occupy Group Recreates Continental Congress

Activists within the Occupy movement have come up with a clear list of political reforms they want to see happen.

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Tea Party Activist: Poverty In America Is A Myth

Arkady Faktorovich, a representative for Tea Party Patriots, denounced the idea that poverty exists in American Monday, calling it, “a myth.” As an immigrant from the former Soviet Union, Faktorovich explained that even in America’s projects, poverty does not exists since denizens in low-income housing receive government funding when unemployed. “There is a myth that […]

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Sending Troops To Europe Was The Right Thing To Do


President Obama has made the right move by sending some of our troops to Eastern Europe. It’s not a big number, but they create an important buffer between those countries and Russia’s Red Army.

Report: 44,000 Duplicate Voters In Virginia, Maryland

DOUBLING UP? A new report says 44,000 voters are registered in both Virginia and Maryland.

A crosscheck of voter rolls in Virginia and Maryland turned up 44,000 people registered in both states, a vote-integrity group reported Wednesday.

TRNS News Notes — 4/24/14

News Notes

Obama Asia tour: we’ll defend Japan
Obama: Ukraine sanctions “teed up”
Navy re-assigns ex-Blue Angels commander
Probe: DHS watchdog altered, delayed reports!
FCC upends itself today on net neutrality
FDA to regulate e-cigarettes

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● Mortgage closings cause consumer pain

● USDA releases $60 million in breastfeeding funds

● FEC unveils an upgrade to website search engine

● Old shipwreck found near Golden Gate Bridge

● Amedisys pays $150 million for Medicare fraud

● Landmarks added to national list

Iraq And Afghanistan Vets To Be Honored In D.C.


The names of all those who have died in battle since 9/11 will be read aloud at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial on May 24.

The Flat-Earth Society Has Arisen Again

Can you imagine what the reaction would be if all four Republican candidates for North Carolina’s senate seat said the sun revolves around the earth?