Obama Courts Big Labor At Expense Of GOP


Speaking to the Building and Construction Trades Department Legislative Conference in downtown Washington, President Obama  took a series of shots at GOP lawmakers Monday over their opposition to White House-backed construction spending that is aimed at repairing the nation’s infrastructure.


Benny Martinez
Benny Martinez is a Capitol Hill Correspondent for TRNS. Follow Benny on Twitter @BennyJMartinez

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Kerry Says Iran Deal “Could Go Either Way”

“At this point negotiations could go either way,” Kerry told reporters in Vienna on Sunday. “If hard choices get made in the next couple of days, we could get an agreement this week.

SC Begins Debate Over Confederate Flag Removal

Members of the SC community, governors, and senators have petitioned to have the flag removed, which some historians are saying is “a symbol of white power and racial oppression”.

Obama To Visit Pentagon, Receive ISIS Briefing


Obama will make a rare visit to the Pentagon to receive an update on the battle against ISIS, will then address the DoD press corp

TRNS News Notes- 7/6

Greece: No! / Finance minister resigns
Euro leaders’ reax: Cautious
Greece: 3 impacts on the U.S.
USA wins women’s World Cup in romp & rout: 5-2
World Cup: Pearl Harbor Twitter row
Trump/Mexico: GOP 2016 candidates respond

Monday, July 6

● Support grows for school choice

● Most Americans consume too much salt

● FTC orders sale of 330 discount stores

● Contaminated beef recalled in four states

● Amtrak experiments with amenities

● Cocaine trafficker outsmarted by canines

Greece Says ‘NO’ To European Bailout

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has successfully campaigned against the bailout offer, claiming it would further force Greece under the control of the Euro-creditors and further harsh austerity measures