WH: Drug Addiction Caused By Brain Disease

White House Drug Policy Director Gil Kerlikowske plans to present steps Monday to help remove the stigma of drug addiction and expand access to treatment services nationwide.

Following in the footsteps of chemical dependency advocate Betty Ford, White House Drug Policy Director Gil Kerlikowske plans to present steps Monday to help remove the stigma of drug addiction and expand access to treatment services nationwide.

In light of increasing research identifying drug addiction as a chronic brain disease, the speech aims to reframe the issue to the American people in the hope of building community support and, according to the White House, reorient the government’s drug policy approach by “proposing alternatives to a law enforcement centric ‘war on drugs.'”

The speech will occur at the Betty Ford Center in Rancho Mirage, California.

Click here to read more about the White House’s new policies to combat illegal drug use…

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  1. Anonymous June 8, 2012 at 12:11 pm #

    Maybe you believe that it’s immoral to use a certain drug, but if you also wish such acts to become/remain criminalized then surely you also have to accept responsibility for the dire unintended consequences of such folly, when these certain plants/concoctions/drugs are then sold only by criminals and terrorists; when the huge black-market profits are used to bribe and threaten law enforcement officials when the availability and usage rates tend to go up, not down; when our prisons become filled to capacity with easily replaced vendors and smugglers – this list is actually endless! 

    Add to all that the fact that law enforcement and rehabilitation are mutually exclusive. Would alcoholics seek help for their illness if doing so were tantamount to confessing to criminal activity? Likewise, would putting every incorrigible alcoholic behind bars and saddling them with criminal records prove cost-effective? I think most of us already know the answer.

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