U.S. Will Give Another $340 Million To Syrian People

Though the U.S. has yet to send arms to rebel groups fighting Bashar Assad, it has provided over $1 billion so far in humanitarian relief.

Syrian children inside the Adiyaman Refugee Camp in Turkey. Photo: Zack Baddorf/TRNS


WASHINGTON (TRNS) – An additional $339 million will be distributed to Syrian refugees in six different countries throughout the Middle East, including $161 million to displaced Syrians who are still inside the country, President Obama announced on Tuesday.

Nearly one-third of the Syrian population has been driven out of the country due to a civil war that has lasted for over two and a half years. More than 4.2 million refugees remain inside Syria, while more than 2 million have found refuge in other areas in the region. More than 50 percent of Palestinian refugees are included in that 2 million.

The money will help provide refugees with additional medical assistance, education, food and safe places to stay. Quick impact projects, including food stamps for hosts of refugees, vocational training and playgrounds for children.

Of the $339 million, more than $74 million will go to refugees inside Lebanon, more than $48 million to Jordan, more than $25 million in Turkey, more than $24 million in Iraq and nearly $6 million to Egypt.

Nearly 400,000 refugees have fled to Lebanon, including 325,000 children. More than 63,000 have fled to Iraq,

The U.S. has asked all governments to increase their aid being to sent to refugees to help alleviate the strain being put on the United States economy. During a speech this morning to the United Nations General Assembly, Obama also asked surrounding governments to allow Syrian refugees to seek safe shelter in side their borders.

The new contribution brings the U.S.’s total donation to the Syrian people to $1.4 billion.

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