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Biden: More Needed To End Violence Against Women

At a White House press conference to mark the launch of a new anti-dating violence PSA aimed at young men, Vice President Joe Biden said that while abused women now have access to resources and are able to report their violence without being chastised, there is still work to be done.

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WH Appeals To Young Men In New Dating Violence PSA

The White House released a new public service announcement (PSA) Thursday aimed at showing young men that dating violence is always “unacceptable,” as a part of the “1 is 2 Many Campaign” to stop violence against women.

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Bryson Resigns As Commerce Secretary

Bryson was involved in a pair of strange car accidents near Los Angeles earlier in the month that were attributed to a seizure he suffered while behind the wheel. (Photo/Ray Yamamoto)

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House GOP Questions DoJ’s Role In Immigration Announcement

The Obama administration seems certain that last week’s directive removing “young people who are low enforcement priorities” from the roster of deportation candidates was within their Constitutional authority, but House Republicans aren’t so certain. In a press release Wednesday, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Lamar Smith (R-Texas) announced he had sent a pair of letters to […]

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Shock Poll: Obama Holds 13 Point Lead

President Barack Obama holds a surprising 13 percent lead over Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney, according to a new poll conducted by Bloomberg News. Obama holds 53 percent support while Romney trails with 40 percent. The margin represents a significantly stronger lead than any recent poll has given the President. Despite Obama’s apparent advantage, 60 […]

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Poll: Voters Back White House’s Immigration Shift

The Obama administration’s election year decision to defer deportation for some undocumented immigrants is receiving wide support among likely voters, according to a new Bloomberg Poll. 64 percent of respondents said that they backed the plan, which would allow undocumented immigrants brought to the country before they were 16 to receive work permits if they […]

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Boehner, Lieberman Reach Deal On D.C. School Voucher Program

A minor note of cross-party agreement was struck Monday as House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) and Senator Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.) signaled they had come to an agreement with the Department of Education over continued funding of a popular federal student voucher program for Washington D.C. students. The program in question, the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program […]

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Obama Bullish On Greek Election Results

President Obama weighed in Monday on yesterday’s elections in Greece.

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UPDATE: Obama, Putin Call For End To Syrian Violence

“We are united in the belief that the Syrian people should have the opportunity to independently and democratically choose their own future,” the two leaders said.

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Obama Responds To Rose Garden Heckler

During a press conference in the Rose Garden Friday, President Barack Obama sparred with a reporter heckling him.

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No Time For Partisan Bickering In Congress

This is the time to finish the budget and attend to the huge problems we are seeing in the world.

TRNS News Notes- 9/2/14

U.S. targets al-Shabab in Somalia
Obama to Estonia today: reassurance
Ukraine crisis / Nato response / Putin boast
Immigration: when will Obama act?
ACLU vs NSA bulk phone data today
Obama: “America deserves a raise”

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● Indian feather case gets new life

● Planned Parenthood fraud case is revived

● Promoting swimming pool health

● Executives sentenced for securities fraud

● U.S. overseas investment: $9.2 trillion

● Medical kickback schemers fined $2.6 million

President Obama, Get Back In The Game!

Mr. President, you’ve got the bully pulpit: you should set the agenda and the issues for the upcoming election.