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WH Not Calling Morsy’s Ouster A Coup

President Obama’s top spokesman said Monday that “it is not in our interest to move unnecessarily quickly in making a determination like that.”

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Morsi Or Morsy? White House Embraces New Spelling For Egyptian President


White House spelling shift catches social media observers, journalists off guard.

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William Gray, First Black Majority, Whip Dies

Gray, who served from 1979 to 1991, was also the first black chairman of the House Budget Committee.

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Washington Tells Morsy To Get His Country Under Control

In a phone call late Monday, President Obama advised President Morsy to show Egyptians that “he is responsive to their concerns.”

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Obama Phones AZ Governor

The president told Governor Jan Brewer (R) that his administration stands ready to provide support to help put out the wildfires there.

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Snowden Subject Of High Level Talks With Russia, Says Obama

Russian President Vladimir Putin told reporters Monday that if Snowden wishes to stay in Russia, he will have to refrain from leaking further classified information.

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Obama And Bush To Share Spotlight In Africa

The two will participate in a wreath laying ceremony at the U.S. embassy. White House Press Secretary Jay Carney told reporters aboard Air Force One Monday that neither of the two are expected to deliver remarks.

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Obama Defends Foreign Aid To Africa

President Obama said Friday that despite federal spending cuts, food assistance to Africa will continue.

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Awkward: Obama Pushes Gay Rights In Country Where Being Gay Is A Crime

Homosexuality is against the law in Senegal and 37 other African countries.

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Obama: Gay Marriages Should Be Nationally Recognized

President Obama argued Thursday that married same-sex couples who move to other states should continue to receive federal benefits.

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Friday, November 27

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