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Obama Blasts GOP Student Loan Plan

The president called on Congress to act before July 1 to keep interest rates low for current and former students.

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Obama: Dems Have A “Great Chance” To Take House In 2014

Obama added that while he intends to try to craft compromises with Republicans, a Democratic majority is a clear way to end partisan gridlock.

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Report: Obama To Name James Comey As FBI Director

Comey, a Republican, will be taking the reins at the bureau from Robert Mueller.

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White House: Holder Did Not Prosecute Fox Reporter

Click inside to hear Fox News Channel White House Correspondent Ed Henry tussle with White House Press Secretary Jay Carney over whether Attorney General Eric Holder may have lied to Congress.

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McConnell Ties IRS Scandal To Nixon In New Campaign Ad

The ad includes a famous clip of Nixon being interviewed by British journalist David Frost.

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Top Economist Leaving White House

Krueger, who has held the position since late 2011, will be returning to Princeton.

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Obama Will Press China On Weapons System Hacks

The president will discuss the issue during an upcoming meeting with new Chinese President Xi Jinping.

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Poll: Voters Split On Closing Guantanamo

While President Obama initially raised the facility’s closure during the 2008 campaign, the issue has been brought to the forefront again following a high-profile national security speech from Obama last week.

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Report: McCain Crosses Border, Meets With Syrian Rebels

McCain reportedly heard pleas for no-fly zones, airstrikes and additional weapons.

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Obama Returns To New Jersey

Obama’s visit comes after his trip to Oklahoma on Sunday.

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Monday, October 5

● Car insurance claims decline but cost goes up

● Twin brothers sent to prison for hacking federal computers

● Jobless rate stuck at 5.1% in September

● New mortgage disclosure rule in effect

● The world is shrinking for tax absconders

● Lobbyist stopped by red light

Clinton Credits HRC On Peronal Evolution Over Marriage Equality

Clinton addressed the morning session of the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) prior to Vice President Biden’s keynote address to the Dinner Gala, saying it has been “quite a year” for LGBT rights

Fiorina Condemns Obama Administration’s Actions In Syria

Carly Fiorina

“The middle east is becoming a very, very dangerous place because we are not showing leadership,” said Fiorina.

Obama Calls On Russia To End Airstrikes

“Russia needs to cease their bloodshed immediately,” Obama said.

Sen. Marco Rubio Calls For More U.S. Airstrikes On ISIS and Further Sanctions on Russia

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) called for increased airstrikes in Syria to combat the Islamic State and additional sanctions against Russia’s economy.

McCarthy Suggests Politics Behind Planned Parenthood Panel

“You win the argument to win the vote.”