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Obama: Religious Groups Are Exempt From Contraception Mandate

In a speech at the Auraria Event Center in downtown Denver, President Obama explains that his administration is allowing religious groups to opt out of a provision within the healthcare care that requires employers to provide employees with free access to contraception. (1:02)

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Obama Courts Female Voters In Colorado

The president focused on his healthcare law, noting specifically that it gives women greater access to contraception.

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Brennan: Terrorists Bribe Recruits With As Little As $10

Speaking at the Council on Foreign Relations Wednesday on the subject of U.S. policy toward Yemen, President Obama’s chief adviser on homeland security and counterterrorism, John Brennan, said that the United States is contending with terrorist groups that operate in an economic and political vacuum where as little as $10 can convince a young person […]

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Obama Camp Won’t Condemn Super PAC Ad

Neither Obama’s official spokesman nor his traveling campaign spokeswoman would admit today that the ad may have been misleading.

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Counterterrorism Aide: WH Could Explore Executive Orders On Cyber Security

President Obama’s assistant for homeland security and counterterrorism John Brennan said Wednesday during an appearance at the Council on Foreign Relations that in the wake of cyber security legislation failing in Congress, the White House is open to exploring ways to advance domestic security measures through the use of executive action.

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Brennan: Obama May Act On Cyber Security

“If the Congress is not going to act on something like this, then the President wants to make sure we’re doing everything possible.”

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GOP Applauds Obama’s Latest Bill Signing

President Obama today signed into law the Sequestration Transparency Act of 2012.

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Obama Announces More Relief For Drought Victims

President Obama met today with members of his White House Rural Council, and afterwards, shared a few details about what his administration is doing to help areas that have been hampered by this summer’s prolonged drought. (3:23)

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Obama Announces More Relief For Drought Victims

President Obama met today with members of his White House Rural Council

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Team Romney Broadens Assault On Administration’s Welfare Tweak

The presumptive GOP nominee and his advisers launched a full-throttled attack against President Obama’s new welfare policy, prompting the White House to respond.

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Defense Sec. Hagel To Step Down

The announcement will come from President Obama Monday

Iran Nuclear Talks Extended Until 2015

Secretary of State John Kerry warned over the weekend that there were “serious gaps” in the negotiations

TRNS News Notes-11/24

On edge, Ferguson waits; Immigration: Obama defends his action; Immigration: Republicans lash out; Iran nuke talks: Deadline day today; House Intel Committee Benghazi report: All clear; Israel set to define itself as Jewish state: Storm

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● Microloans fill entrepreneurial dreams

● Excessive drinkers are not alcoholic

● Fast and Furious documents go public

● Swiss bank fined for tax violations

● Birth defects linked to Marine camp water

● FCC contest rule update sought

LISTEN: The World in 2:00 – November 21, 2014

The World in 2:00 continents logo

The E.U. moves to crack down on plastic bag use across the continent and Joe Biden visits Kiev, but omits mention of new non-lethal assistance to the country.

Obama Tells Congress to “Pass A Bill”

“Pass a bill because the actions I’ve taken are only a temporary first step,” said President Obama at Del Sol High School in Nevada.