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Obama Confronted Over Assault Weapons Ban

A spokesman for President Obama hesitated Thursday to say whether the current Commander in Chief would push for a renewed federal ban on assault weapons should he win a second term.

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Poll: Business Owners Sour On Obama

President Barack Obama’s approval rating has fallen by six percent among American business owners, according to Gallup

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Obama Criticized For Poor Participation In AIDS Conference

HIV and AIDS activists voiced concern this week that President Obama did not appear in person at this week’s International AIDS Conference. (Photo/Roger Barone)

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Revamped Cyber Bill Relaxes Rules On Private Sector

Senate Democrats say the legislation directly addresses a number of imminent cyber threats facing America, while reducing the federal government’s heavy-handed role in ensuring that businesses are compliant.

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Boehner: WH Won’t Push For New Gun Laws, I Agree

House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) on Tuesday shot down the prospects of anti-gun legislation materializing as a result of last week’s tragic shooting in Aurora, Colo.

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Senate Poised To Reject Middle Class Tax Cut Extension

The upper chamber will vote Wednesday on a measure to extend tax cuts for couples earning $250,000 or less per year

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Obama To Syria: Don’t Touch Your Chemical Weapons

Speaking at the 113th National Convention of the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the U.S in Reno, Nevada Monday, President Obama doubled down on his pledge to bring an end to the Syrian regime of President Assad, saying that the United States would respond decisively if Syria were to deploy its chemical weapons.

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Obama Touts America’s Restored International Image

President Obama touted his administration’s foreign policy successes in a speech to the Veterans of Foreign Wars annual convention in Reno, Nevada Monday, noting that America’s reputation has been restored in the eyes of citizens around the world, especially in countries like Libya.

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Obama Implores Congress To Avoid Sequestration Cuts

Adding to his previous appeals to Congress, President Obama said Monday that lawmakers need to find a way to avoid the implementation of steep defense spending cuts. Obama delivered his remarks at the 113th National Convention of the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the U.S in Reno, Nevada.

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President Obama: Time To “Nation-Build” At Home

President Obama addressed the the annual Convention of the Veterans of Foreign Wars Monday in Reno, Nevada Monday, telling attendees that with the money freed up from suspending the war in Iraq and winding down the conflict in Afghanistan, America should reinvest in domestic initiatives.

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Interview With Amanda Swafford: Libertarian Candidate For Georgia

In a Senate race where third party candidates are often getting shut out of debates, Swafford has utilized social media in an attempt to circumvent those difficulties.

Hatchet Attack Injures NYPD Officers

Nothing at this time can link the attack to terrorism, according to the New York Police Commissioner.

Humane Society Backs Full Prosecution For Latest WH Fence Jumper

“This person didn’t just illegally enter White House grounds—he attempted to seriously injure two law enforcement animals doing their duty.”

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Ottawa shooter wasn’t IDd as a threat

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Pentagon Will Continue Force Control In South Korea, Keep Current Troop Levels

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel met Thursday with his South Korean counterpart, Minister Han Min-koo, where both leaders agreed that North Korea still poses a threat on the peninsula