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George W. Bush’s Approval Rating Up Following Presidency

One of his primary acts as President remains controversial. 57 percent said that they disapproved of Bush’s decision to invade Iraq, down from 65 percent in early 2008.

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Obama Holding Closed-Press Moment Of Silence

Obama previously held a closed-press moment of silence on December 21st following the Newtown shooting.

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President Obama Being Actively Briefed On Boston Manhunt

President Obama convened a briefing in the White House Situation Room with his national security team on the ongoing manhunt in Boston shortly after 9:45AM Friday morning.

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Obama Pays Tribute To Boston: “You Will Run Again”

“If they sought to intimidate us, to terrorize us, to shake us … it should be pretty clear by now that they picked the wrong city to do it,” Obama said.

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Obama Sends Condolences To Texas Victims

Texas Fertilizer Plant Explosion

President Obama expressed his sympathies this morning to the victims of last night’s fertilizer plant explosion in West, Texas.

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Obama: Victims Of Gun Violence Deserve More

For the third day in a row, President Obama made a solemn public appearance in which he appeared noticeably upset.

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Secret Service: Letter With “Suspicious Substance” Sent To President Obama

According to the Secret Service, an intercepted envelope addressed to President Obama contained a “suspicious substance.”

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Obama Going To Boston On Thursday

According to White House Press Secretary Jay Carney, Obama will speak at the service.

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Obama Fully Supports ‘Gang of 8′ Immigration Plan

Senators Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) and John McCain (R-Ariz.) will brief President Barack Obama on the plan Tuesday afternoon.

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Obama: We Still Don’t Know Much

President Obama said today that the nascent investigation into Monday’s twin bombings at the Boston Marathon has produced little information as far as who was behind the attack.

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Wednesday, August 5

● Texas voter turnout increased with ID law

● SuperPACs evolve into massive money machines

● Call for CNN contributor’s removal

● Invitation to a news junket

● How Navy ships get their names

● Consumer agency sues offshore lender

Report: Yemeni Forces Retake Key Airbase From Rebels

Al-Anad is the largest airbase in Yemen, and was used by the U.S. to launch drone strikes against al-Qaeda before it was overrun by the Houthis back in March.

The World in 2:00 – August 4, 2015

The World in 2:00

Republican presidential contenders use foreign policy proclamations to try and stick out in a crowded field.

Restless Insurrectionist Syndrome Strikes

History is replete with examples showing that insurrectionist ideologically pure candidates usually lose to the establishment candidates.

Obama Meets UN Secretary-General To Discuss Fighting Global Climate Change

Obama met with UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to talk about the upcoming UN climate conference, the conflicts in Syria, Yemen and Sudan as well as the Iran nuclear deal.

Park Police Confirm Gun Found Near WWII Memorial Shooting

Police barricade areas near the WWII Memorial to scour for evidence following gunshot reports. Photo/William McDonald TRNS

UPDATE at 11:43 PM EST; Two shooting incidences, one in DC has been confirmed and a military base in Mississippi where two men are being questioned by the Highway Patrol.