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Day Labor Organization Applauds Napolitano’s Departure

The organization says that the Department’s Secure Communities deportation program, a strategy to target felons in the country illegally for deportation, bears a strong resemblance to Arizona’s hard line policies.

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House Passes Stripped-Down Farm Bill, Obama Threatens Veto

No Democrats voted for the bill. 12 Republicans opposed the legislation, far fewer than the 62 that broke with their party the first time the bill was introduced.

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Nothing Weird About Obamacare Delay: WH

The White House is upset with critics of the administration’s plan to delay the employer mandate within Obamacare.

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Obama Pressuring GOP To Accept Senate Immigration Bill

The White House has produced a new report highlighting the economic benefits of the Senate plan, which would put 11 million immigrants on a path to U.S. citizenship.

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Poll: 69% Blame Bush For Struggling Economy

53 percent said that Obama was responsible for the nation’s economic troubles.

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WH Not Calling Morsy’s Ouster A Coup

President Obama’s top spokesman said Monday that “it is not in our interest to move unnecessarily quickly in making a determination like that.”

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Morsi Or Morsy? White House Embraces New Spelling For Egyptian President


White House spelling shift catches social media observers, journalists off guard.

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William Gray, First Black Majority, Whip Dies

Gray, who served from 1979 to 1991, was also the first black chairman of the House Budget Committee.

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Washington Tells Morsy To Get His Country Under Control

In a phone call late Monday, President Obama advised President Morsy to show Egyptians that “he is responsive to their concerns.”

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Obama Phones AZ Governor

The president told Governor Jan Brewer (R) that his administration stands ready to provide support to help put out the wildfires there.

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