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Obama To Pardon Thanksgiving Turkey Next Week

While the Petraeus scandal and the fiscal cliff has embroiled Washington, D.C., the White House is preparing for a lighter moment next week. On Wednesday, President Barack Obama will participate in the annual ceremony to pardon the National Thanksgiving Turkey in the Rose Garden. The pardoned turkey, which was raised in a farm in Rockingham […]

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White House Rebukes Romney’s “Gifts” Remark

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney slapped down Mitt Romney’s suggestion that President Obama won reelection by promising “gifts” to minorities and young voters, saying Thursday that the defeated Republican candidate’s claim “is at odds with the truth of what happened last week.” “The president pursues policies that have at their core a desire to […]

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Tax Rates May Not Reach Clinton-Era Levels For The Wealthy

Based on the way President Obama and other White House officials are talking right now, it seems plausible that they may not insist on returning the country’s top income tax rate to where it was when Bill Clinton was president. While the White House has ruled out the possibility of an end-of-year extension of the […]

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Lincoln Cast And Crew Heading To The White House

The cast and crew of the film Lincoln will attend a screening of the movie alongside President Barack Obama Thursday evening at the White House. The White House has not announced who will attend, but the movie was directed by iconic filmmaker Stephen Spielberg and stars Academy Award winning actors Daniel Day Lewis and Sally […]

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Obama Heading To NY To Survey Sandy Damage

President Barack Obama is scheduled to travel to New York Thursday to survey the damage from Hurricane Sandy approximately two weeks after the storm hit the East Coast. Obama will be joined by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who previously said that the President should postpone a […]

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Obama Backs Israel Offensive in Gaza

The Obama Administration staunchly defended Israel’s military operations in the Gaza Strip as legitimate self-defense Thursday, as the Netanyahu government announced it was expanding its offensive in Hamas-governed territory after retaliatory rocket fire by militant groups reached as far as Tel Aviv. Media reports indicate rockets hit the town of Kiryat Malachi in Israel Thursday killing […]

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Immigration Reform Coming In 2013?

President Obama told reporters today that immigration reform is at the top of his wish-list when the 113th Congress convenes in late January. During a press conference with White House reporters, the president refused to provide a specific date by which legislation will be introduced, but hinted that his administration is engaged in back-channel talks […]

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President Repeats Pledge To Raise Taxes On The Wealthy

At his press conference today, President Obama argued that Congress could avoid at least half of the looming ‘fiscal cliff’ by agreeing to his plan to end the Bush tax cuts for top earners. Unlike 2010, when he reluctantly agreed to extend the full array of tax cuts, the president promised today that he is […]

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Obama: Petraeus Affair Did Not Expose Secret Intel

Photo/The White House President Obama said during his press conference today that he has no reason to believe that that any classified intelligence was exposed as a result of the extramarital affair that forced ex-CIA Director Gen. David Petraeus to resign from his job last week. “I have no evidence at this point, from what […]

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Obama Defends Susan Rice During Post-Election Showdown With White House Press

In his first full-length press conference with White House reporters since winning a second term in last week’s election, President Obama offered few new details on his plan to avert the fiscal cliff, and had little to say about the sex scandal that forced ex-CIA Director Gen. David Petraeus to resign from office. But the […]

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Rand Paul Wins CPAC Straw Poll

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) speaks at te Conservative Political Action Conference 2015, National Harbor, Feb. 27, 2015. (Photo by James Cullum)

Jeb Bush got fifth place.

Photos: Bush, Paul, Santorum at CPAC 2015

Oh, and how could we forget Donald Trump? He was there, too.

Eleventh Hour: House Extends DHS Funding For Seven Days

The Senate earlier passed the seven-day extension bill, giving House Republicans a pass on a possible DHS shutdown

U.S. And Cuba Hold Embassy Establishment Talks

The U.S. delegation hopes that talks of an Embassy in Havana could be finalized by April, when the Summit of Americas is scheduled to convene

House Fails To Pass Partial Funding For DHS

As of Friday evening at 5:30 pm EST, it is unclear how Congress will proceed in order to keep the Department of Homeland Security funded after the midnight deadline

Obama On Death Of Leonard Nimoy: ‘I Loved Spock’

Photo/ Leonard Nimoy on Twitter

“Michelle and I join his family, friends, and countless fans who miss him so dearly today,” Obama said.