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What’s In Obama’s Excecutive Order On Cyber Security?

In his State of the Union address tonight, Obama said the move was necessary to prevent the country’s enemies from launching direct attacks on “our power grid, our financial institutions, and our air traffic control systems.”

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TRNS Interview: WH Deputy Press Secretary Previews SOTU

“The inaugural address was an opportunity for the President to give a longer term vision,” “Tonight … he’ll lay out his ideas about what kinds of policies we can put in place to realize that longer term vision the President rolled out in the inaugural address.”

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Major UN Efforts Turn On State Of The Union Signals

From climate change to drones, Obama’s words will be watched closely by those looking to the United States to lead on an range of issues at the U.N.

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What You Need To Know About Tonight’s State Of The Union Address

Don’t expect the president to deliver a smack down tonight, reports TRNS Chief White House Correspondent Victoria Jones.

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North Korea Defies U.S., Conducts Third Nuclear Test

“These provocations do not make North Korea more secure,” said President Obama.

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Small Business Administrator Leaving

Karen Mills, the head of the White House’s Small Business Administration, will be leaving the administration, President Barack Obama announced Monday.

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Biden Taking Gun Control Message To Philly

Vice President Joe Biden is traveling to Philadelphia Monday for a roundtable on gun control with lawmakers and law enforcement officials.

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Energy Secretary Responds To Onion Story

Energy Secretary Steven Chu offered a tongue-in-cheek response Thursday to an article posted by The Onion, a satirical news-style website.

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Obama Chides GOP For Opposing Further Tax Revenue

He did, however, say that he was “heartened” to see Republicans begin to engage with Democrats on a way to reform the nation’s immigration system.

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WATCH: Obama Pleads For Civility At Prayer Breakfast

“The divisions in this country are, thankfully, not as deep or destructive as when Lincoln led, but they are real,” Obama said.

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UN Condemns IS Attacks on Iraqi Heritage Sites

UNESCO Executive-Direct Irina Bokova addresses the U.N. General Assembly before the adoption of a resolution on the destruction of Iraqi cultural heritage. May 28, 2015. UN Photo/Loey Felipe

The destruction of Iraqi antiquities amounts to ‘cultural cleansing,’ Iraq’s U.N. Ambassador told reporters.

DC Metro Bans ‘Issue-based’ Ads After Muhammad Cartoon Request

The proposed ad depicts a cartoon that won the “Draw Muhammad” competition in Texas this month where two Islamic State sympathizers opened fire on attendees

UN Defends Past FIFA Partnerships

U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon (left) attends the opening ceremony of the 2010 FIFA World Cup in Johannesburg, South Africa. At right is FIFA President Sepp Blatter. June 11, 2010. UN Photo/Henry Romero.

Though a UN spokesman said cooperation consisted of ‘one time’ arrangements of a ‘pro bono’ nature, the world body will investigate its partnerships.

Obama Makes Unannounced Visit To Family Of Journalist Killed By ISIS

Photo/ The Daily Caller

U.S. journalist Steven Sotloff was beheaded on camera by ISIS last year

Obama Talks Hurricanes And Disaster Preparedness In FL


“It is never too early for disaster preparation,” Obama said.

Report: Clinton Foundation Paid Blumenthal 10K Monthly

Former Sec. of State Hillary Clinton addresses press over email controversy March 10, 2015. Photo/Luke Vargas TRNS

Blumenthal had been providing “unsolicited” intelligence memos to Clinton during the Benghazi attacks, according to the report.