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Obama To Tour Fire-Ravaged Colorado

The White House announced Wednesday that President Obama will visit an area in Colorado that has been devastated by massive wildfires. More from the White House: “Today, President Obama called Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper as well as Colorado Springs Mayor Steve Bach to receive an update on damaging fires that are impacting a number of […]

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WH Braces For Obamacare Ruling

Like everyone else, the White House is waiting with bated breath to see whether the highest court in the land rules in favor of or against President Obama’s signature healthcare law.

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Chambliss “Offended” By White House’s Response To Leaks

At a press conference with fellow Republican Senators Tuesday, Saxby Chambliss (R-Ga.) said he was “offended” that the White House took a defensive position against allegations it had a hand in the leaks of classified information instead of demanding further investigation.

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Obama: I’ll Get Outspent This Year

“We can be outspent and still win,” the president said. “But we can’t be outspent 10 to 1 and still win.” (Photo/Roger Barone)

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WH: Syrian Attack On Turkish Plane “Unacceptable”

President Obama’s top spokesman told reporters Tuesday that the decision by Syria to shoot down a Turkish fighter jet last week “was an unacceptable act.”

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Obama Reaches Out To Rick Scott As Debby Hits Florida

President Barack Obama called Florida Governor Rick Scott (R) Tuesday to confirm that the sunshine state had the necessary resources to bear the brunt of Tropical Storm Debby. “The President … reiterated that his Administration – through FEMA – would remain in close contact with the state as they continued to respond to this event […]

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Obama Split On Immigration Ruling

President Obama weighed in on Monday’s Supreme Court ruling, which invalidated most parts of Arizona’s SB 1070 immigration law, but upheld arguably the law’s most controversial provision.

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Obama To Hispanics: I’ll Make Your DREAMs Come True

President Obama told a crowd of Hispanic-American policy makers on Friday that if re-elected, he’ll deliver on immigration reform.

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WH: Romney’s Tax Policies Encourage Outsourcing

The White House weighed in Friday on a new report showing that Bain Capital invested heavily in companies that shipped American jobs overseas.

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Treasury And Education Dept: Affordable Education Imperative To Success

By Gwen Fishel A joint report released Thursday from the U.S. Department of the Treasury and the U.S. Department of Education highlights the necessity of higher education in today’s economy. According to the U.S. Treasury Department Office of Public Affairs, “the data and analysis [of the report] confirm that higher education is critical for socioeconomic […]

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● ISIS “war” has strong bipartisan support

● School cops have military arms

● Obama wages war on immigration law

● HHS knew was doomed

● Taxpayers on hook for $200 million fine

● How much is a billion?

Senate Republicans Block Paycheck Fairness Act

The vote was 52-40, not enough to get past a filibuster.

LISTEN: The Day Ahead – September 16, 2014

The Day Ahead Logo

The UN General Assembly gets underway, the E.U. Parliament votes on an association agreement with Ukraine, and new rankings of the world’s best universities.

House Attaches Syrian Rebel Training Amendment To CR

The amendment would allow training of the Syrian opposition, however stopped short on approving Obama’s request for $500 million in doing so

LISTEN: The World in 2:00 – September 15, 2014

The World in 2:00 continents logo

An on-the-ground report from Iraqi and Syrian Kurdistan as military leaders weigh their options for pushing back the Islamic State.

Obama Library Finalists Announced


President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama will ultimately make the final decision as to where the library will be located.