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Entertainment Consumers Association Responds To Biden

By Nicholas Salazar Following Vice-President Biden’s remarks that his task force would have recommendations for President Obama on gun violence, the Electronic Consumers Association has responded with an open letter to Biden. The task force has looked at everything from video game violence to gun control in efforts to see what can be done in […]

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Obama, Karzai Will Fight For U.S. Troop Immunity Beyond 2014

Obama also said that the NATO mission will change beginning in the spring, with allied forces shifting to a support role as Afghan forces gradually begin to take the lead.

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Boehner Extends State Of The Union Invitation

Boehner set the date for February 12th

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NRA “Disappointed” With Biden Meeting

Shortly after representatives attended a meeting with the task force to reduce gun violence chaired by Vice President Joe Biden, the National Rifle Association issued a statement saying that they feel “disappointed” by the encounter.

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Biden Gun Group Examining Universal Background Checks

One measure being considered by the Vice President’s gun task force would bolster “the ability of any federal agency to do research on gun violence.”

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Obama Names Lew As Treasury Secretary

President Barack Obama has named Chief of Staff Jacob Lew as the nation’s next Treasury Secretary.

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Labor Secretary Leaving

Labor Secretary Hilda Solis submitted a letter of resignation to the White House Wednesday, becoming the latest cabinet level official to leave the administration before the start of the second term.

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No Real Support For $1 Trillion Coin Idea

The out-of-left field proposal, first hatched by liberal economist Paul Krugman, has been floated as a way for the administration to pay its debts if Congress were to fail to raise the nation’s debt ceiling later next month.

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White House Responds To Piers Morgan Petition

“Let’s not let arguments over the Constitution’s Second Amendment violate the spirit of its First,” Carney said in a statement.

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WH Tweets Photo Of Obama Meeting With Women

The White House may have released the photo as a subtle response to complaints about a photo taken last week of the president, which showed him meeting with mostly men inside the Oval Office.

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7.8 Earthquake Hits Capital City Of Nepal, Death Toll Exceeds 1,500

With a population of 700,000, the earthquake has left the capital city of Kathmandu in rubbles with many still feared trapped and missing

LISTEN: The Weekend Ahead – April 25-27, 2015

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White House correspondents enjoy their yearly gala on Saturday, the world’s least happy nation votes for its president and a major EU-Ukraine summit begins Monday.

Holder Bids Farewell

“This is something that has meant the world to me, it has helped define me as an individual and as a lawyer, as a man,” Holder said in his farewell speech.

LISTEN: The World in 2:00 – April 24, 2015

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The White House explains its drone policy after the death of two hostages in Pakistan and the latest World Happiness Report reveals the stark impact of the Great Recession.

Statue Of Liberty Evacuated

Statue of Liberty

The monument was evacuated after a reported suspicious package was discovered on the grounds.

Mitt Romney On Clinton Foundation Donations: ‘It looks like bribery’

Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is facing criticism over money donated to her family’s foundation while serving as Secretary of State in trade for approved uranium sales